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The Best Amazon Embroidery Supplies 2022

the best amazon embroidery supplies 2020

Amazon has quite a bit of affordable and nice quality embroidery supplies. Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorites!!

This post is part of a series of posts I have about hand embroidery supplies.

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links in it. I receive a small commission from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and love and that are of good quality. All opinions are my own!

Darice Embroidery Hoops

These embroidery hoops are made of nice quality wood, and the rings almost always line up perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about any fabric slipping while you’re stitching. I also really like the brass screw that these come with!

Mini Ring Embroidery Hoops

Gingher Fabric Scissors

These dressmaker shears are super sharp and cut fabric like butter.

Kona Cotton Fabric

I really enjoy embroidering on this fabric. It’s a cotton fabric and it comes in a ton of different colors. You can by this fabric by the yard on Amazon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the color I bought, but I found this paprika color that I think would be perfect for all fall projects!

Water Soluble Markers

These are my go to water soluble markers. They last for a long time, wash off easy, and the marks don’t dissappear when you are embroidering like some other markers do!

Janet Scotland

Tuesday 27th of October 2020

Good evening . I deeply appreciate the moment l found your blog/site however l should describe it. I have been looking for hick embroidery for some time now and found it today so l can show my children. I lost all my hick embroidered towels during the hurricane. Thank yoi

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