Best Podcasts for Artists and Creatives

Needing some creative inspiration or motivation? As an artist myself, I’m obsessed with listening to podcasts. These are some of my favorite podcasts that are geared toward artists and creatives. 

creative pep talk podcast

When I first started listening to podcasts, I came across Creative Pep Talk and I still listen to it frequently! Andy talks all things creativity, being an artist, and making a living as an artist. There are solo episodes with advice like how to get out of a creative rut. He also conducts interviews with artists, and the conversations they have are never boring and have lots of takeaways. 

Dive in to some of my favorite episodes:

It’s Never Too Late With Lisa Congdon

How to Remedy Creative Burnout

merriweather council podcast

Danielle is an Etsy shop owner and a creative business coach that runs this podast. The episodes she provides include interviews with other business owners as well as solo episodes where she provides business advice that’s very straight and to the point. I really like this podcast because it’s not long winded and packed full of good stuff!

Start with some of these episodes:

You’re Pricing Too Low and the Rest of Us Are Mad At You

Your Market is Not Too Saturated: Here’s Why

This podcast is mostly interviews with all sorts of different artists from fiber, collage, painters, etc. I like that Danielle keeps things very candid, it’s almost like listening to a coffee date with a friend. The episodes are always really lighthearted with a little humor sprinkled in.

My favorite episodes:

Claire Celeste Borsch: dreaming of tigers  

Ashley Longshore: an artrepreneur’s fempire

This is a local North Carolina podcast that is awesome! I like this podcast because the interviews are of people from a very wide variety creative industries from dancers, to barbers, to photographers, to illustrators…they have a little bit of everything. Also I was interviewed on it!

My favorite episodes featuring my husband and friends:

Megan Manship

NIck Fox (my husband!)

Onra Morales

art side of life

I just recently found this podcast, and it has a bunch of interviews with artists. I recently listened to Peggy Dean’s episode. She is a fellow Skillshare teacher with a bunch of amazing classes on hand lettering you should check out.

Check out:

Grow your creative business with Peggy Dean