10 Simple Crafts to Do At Home For Busy People

I’m all about having a variety of supplies on hands for different kinds of crafts to do at home. Here are my top 10 crafts that don’t break the bank, aren’t too much of a hassle to clean up, and you can easily pick them up whenever you have free time!

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floral embroidery kit

Crafts to Do At Home


Obviously my number one, because I’m biased and absolutely love to embroider! It doesn’t take much to get started with this craft, and you can buy the basic supplies or a kit online or at your local craft store. Besides stray thread (that I find out in public to be all over my clothes sometimes) , it’s not particularly messy!

Embroidery Classes

I teach several classes on Skillshare for beginner and intermediate embroiderers!

I also have a post of all my 7 favorite embroidery classes here.

crafts to do at home


All you need for this craft is a ring or a pole, some rope, and a good tutorial and you’re set! You can make gorgeous wall hangings for your home or to sell!

Macrame Class

Try your hand at a beginner macrame plant hanger!

sewing a sleeve

Quilting or Sewing

You probably have basic sewing supplies on hand if you’re somewhat of a crafty person. If not, all you really need is some fabric, thread, scissors, a ruler, and some needles! You can sew things by hand or by machine!

I’ve been going through Love at First Stitch to learn how to sew my own clothes and I’m absolutely loving it! I highly recommend this book if you’re a beginner, or someone whose never sewn clothes before.

knitting a sweater

Knitting and Crochet

Again, you can pick up supplies for super cheap. All you need is some knitting needles or a crochet hook and some of your favorite yarn, and you’re good to go! The nice thing about crocheting and knitting is that even though it takes some time to complete a project, it’s easy to put it down and then pick up where you last left off. Also, I find the act of repetitive motions soothing and meditative after a long day. Check out this free beginner crochet pattern!

Patterns on Etsy

This chunky knit blanket pattern looks so cozy!

Make some dishcloths with this crochet pattern.

painted flowers


This could potentially be a bit more messy, but I’ve found this travel watercolor paint tin and this little water color pad is all you need to get started. I’m not much of a painter, but I do enjoy trying my hand at it from time to time. These supplies are easy to contain and don’t take up too much room! They’re also super travel friendly!

Online Painting Classes

This beginner watercolor class is only 35 minutes and shows you a bunch of the basics of watercolor painting!

paper crafts to do at home

Paper Crafts

Grab some construction paper, some glue, and some scissors and you can make just about anything, including this free printable and DIY Birthday Card Tutorial!

linocut and stamping crafts

Stamp Making / Linocut

I love making my own stamps. You can buy premade stamps if you’re more into designing cards with them, but I find it way more fun to start from scratch! You’ll need a rubber stamp carver, a linoleum or rubber stamp block, a roller, and some ink and paper. I also have a potato stamping tutorial as well!

Linoleum Block Carving Class

This class goes over all the basics of block carving and printing!

Felt Crafts

Felt is a fun craft to do at home to make some fake flowers. Here’s one of my favorite tutorials I’ve found! You’ll need a scissors, some assorted colors of felt, and a hot glue gun.

flower crafts to do at home

Flower Crafts

Pick some flowers and learn how to press them and make flower art in this tutorial!

Weaving Kit by Wool Couture Company


You don’t have to invest in a gigantic loom to get started with weaving. There are plenty of kits like this one that take up little to no room, and aren’t as overwhelming to get started on!

Weaving Class

This weaving class walks you through how to make your own loom with a picture frame as well a fun beginner project!!

I hope this roundup of crafts inspired you to pick one up and give it a try! Even the simplest of crafts can be really fun to pass the time and decompress after a long, busy day.

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crafts to do at home