DIY Tea Towel: Potato Print

diy tea towel with potato print design

I find it hard to find tea towels that I love at the store. This DIY tea towel is sure to be something you will love, because you get to design it!

I remember doing potato printing as a kid, and the other day I had some potatoes that were getting to be a bit soft, so I used one to make this block print tea towel! I really like the way block printing looks. It’s rather imperfect, which is something I also really love about anything handmade. No two things are alike when you make something by hand!

What You’ll Need:

  • Fabric Paint – Make sure it’s non toxic and permanent!
  • Tea Towel – these flour sack towels are nice
  • Potato – I’m using a small yellow Yukon potato
  • Sharp kitchen knife for carving and cutting the potato
  • A piece of newspaper or barrier to protect the surface you are working on

You’ll want to pre-wash your towels first just in case they shrink a bit.

Once you’ve washed the tea towel, cut a potato in half and carve (with care!) the design you’d like into the potato. I made a simple cross design in mine!

carving a potato to use for block printing
potato block print design

Lay your towel over a protected surface. Dip your potato in some fabric paint, and start stamping! I did a design over the whole towel, but you can put the prints wherever you’d like.

Let your towel dry on a clean, flat surface overnight to ensure it’s completely dry. Before you use the towel, put it in the wash one more time. I’d suggest washing it alone or hand washing it, as you don’t want any fabric paint to get on other items during the first wash.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY tea towel idea. Let me know what you think!

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