Felt Flower Tutorial – How to Make Easy Felt Flowers

Felt Flower Tutorial

I love playing around with felt, and I have a really ugly rental refrigerator that I cover with sentimental pictures and magnets. So naturally, I decided making some cute felt flower magnets would spruce my fridge up even more! These magnets take under 30 minutes to make and they’re super easy to create! You’ll only need a few supplies on hand, most of which you’ll probably already have!

Felt Flower Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • Various Felt colors
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Thread (I used embroidery thread matching the color of the felt
  • Magnets- I used these ones
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to Make the Flowers

Cut out 5 petal shapes. They don’t have to be perfect! All of mine were relatively the same size, but I cut each one by hand and I wasn’t too crazy about having them be exact copies of one another.

Take your needle and thread, fold a petal in half long-ways, make a stitch toward the outer edge of the petal.

Once you have all 5 petals strung together, pull the ends tight and knot them.

Your flower should have a bit of dimension at this point! Cut out some leaf shapes and glue them to the back of the petals. Then, secure the magnet onto the center back of the felt flower with hot glue as well.

diy felt flower tutorial

So easy, right!

I hope you enjoyed this easy felt flower tutorial. I’d love to work on more felt flower DIYs, so stay tuned for more!

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easy diy felt flower magnets

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