How to Find Ethical Fashion Brands – Good On You App Review

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Good On You App Review

This year, I’ve been focusing more on secondhand shopping and finding ethical fashion brands. You can read more about my reasoning behind this and why I have chosen to not support fast fashion brands here. During my research, I came across the Good On You App. This app is basically a database for fashion brand ratings. And it’s not just clothes, it’s jewelry and home goods too! It makes it super easy to find clothing companies that have sustainable and ethical practices, and it reveals which companies aren’t doing such a good job. Good on You App has done the research without you having to go to each of the fashion brands’ websites and scour through details about their practices (if they even disclose them).

Good On You Rating of Reformation

The Rating

The rating for each brand is based on three metrics: Animal Welfare, Labor Conditions, and Environmental Impact. These three metrics are given an average overall rating for the brand as well as an explanation of what the brand is doing well and what they aren’t doing well.

Fashion Brands Cost Scale

There is also a scale of $-$$$ of how much all of the brands cost. If you’re like me and you’re on a budget, this can be really helpful to quickly see if the brand is something you’re interested in spending money on.

Finding New Ethical Fashion Brands

This app has roundups of up and coming brands that you may have never heard of before, so I think it’s fun to find new stuff. They also have monthly roundups of fashion brands by trending pieces or seasons. Another favorite of mine are the roundups they do of brands that are similar to well known fast fashion brands.

Asking Your Favorite Brands to Do Better

There is a form that you can submit to a brand to ask them to do better, which I think is an awesome feature. Change happens when people demand action!

Learning More About Ethical and Sustainable Practices

What I also like about this app is that it has informational articles all about what goes into ethical and sustainable practices, along with diving into How You Can Tell When A Fashion Brand is Green-Washing. They also talk about the pros and cons of the popular recycled plastic clothing trend.


A Little Effort Makes a Difference

I believe that it’s important to become more aware of the practices behind brands that we buy. That way, we can make an educated choice on whether to support them or not. If you find out that you don’t agree with a brand’s practices that you frequently buy, try not to support them as much or at all. Maybe try finding that brand at the thrift store instead of buying new if it’s something you really like. Also, it’s not sustainable or realistic to completely rebuild your wardrobe all at once. I like to take note of ethical brands that I’d like to eventually support when I’m looking to buy new clothes. Building a sustainable and ethical wardrobe can be challenging, but apps like this make it a little bit easier. Again, no one is perfect. It’s all about trying your best. <3

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