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11 Goth Cross Stitch Patterns To Darken Your Day

If you’re into darker imagery, the macabre, and anything creepy, you’ll definitely be into these goth cross stitch patterns. Contemporary artists create patterns that look nothing like what your grandmother may have had in her sewing box. Not that there’s anything wrong with a home sweet home pattern, but I’m guessing that’s not the design you’re looking for. All the patterns you’ll find here are eerie and mysterious; I hope they bring a little darkness to your day.

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Madagascan Moon Moth Pattern

This Madagascan moon moth features phases of the moon, mushroom, and leaves. The design is approximately 8 inches tall and wide, and would look amazing on some black Aida cloth.

Haunted Mansion

The purple and pink colors are so fun and the little ghosts and pumpkins really add a creepy and cute touch to this cross stitch pattern. The pattern fits in a 5 inch hoop and is designed for 18 count Aida. It’s got plenty of instructions and notes so it’s defintiely suitable for beginners.

3 Hares Cross Stitch

I am obsessed with Mama Witch X Stitch designs. They’re all so intricate and beautiful! The image of three hares is believed to ward off evil. This pattern features the 3 rabbits as well as some botanical greenery surrounding them. The finished design measures approximately 9.5 x 8.5 inches so it would be a great one to frame and add to a gallery wall.

Poisonous Plants Pattern

The Witchy Stitcher is another phenomenal cross stitch designer that makes creepy, gothic patterns. This is one of my favorites. If you’re into potions and poisonous botanicals (basically anything witchy) this will be the perfect one for you to stitch. I really like that this particular pattern is rectangular and a bit larger (10 x 7.7inches) so you can find a fancy antique frame to put it in when you’re finished.

Memento Mori

Latin for “remember you must die”. The perfect morbid reminder can be yours to stitch and hang up in your house. This amazing pattern was designed by Tusk and Cardinal, who also has a great cross stitch book full of patterns called Creepy Cross Stitch. Design measures 12 x 7 inches.

Perfect Night For Mystery And Horror

This Bride of Frankenstein cross stitch by Stitch Sprout features the quote “It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror.” in gothic lettering. The pattern includes suggestions for white or black Aida and can be stitched in a variety of sizes that are listed out in the pattern details.

White Lady Ghost Cross Stitch Pattern

I feel like this Hare and Needle pattern looks like an antique cross stitch but with a slightly modern twist and I’m loving it! It’s inspired by British ghost stories and features a lady in the center wearing all white surrounded by a wolf, crow, and skull. Also incorporated into the pattern are some really interesting geometric and botanical shapes. This one looks like it would be very fun to stitch and it’s slightly larger than 8 x 11 inches, making it a great size to display on the wall.

The Floracle

This next pattern has really vivid colors but it’s still very creepy! The design includes a flower with a crystal ball and an eye with snakes surrounding both sides. It’s an advanced beginners level pattern, fits in a 9 inch hoop, but I think it would also look cool in a black or gold frame.

Death Head Moth

If you’re feeling ambitious, this intricate moth cross stitch would be amazing to stitch. It measures just under 12 x 12 inches and is designed for 14 count Aida.

Skull and Candle

This last cross stitch pattern is a simple one that is a great one for beginners because it doesn’t take very long to stitch. I designed this one and stitched it in about a day. Features a skull on top of some books with a burning candle and fits in a 4 inch hoop.

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