Is Skillshare Worth It? (Skillshare Review!)

Is Skillshare Worth It?

An Honest Review

When Skillshare reached out to me a few years ago about teaching a class, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was worth it to pay the full year subscription or teach a class, so I decided to give it a trial run first. I had never heard about it before they reached out to me, but from the way they described their website, it sounded extremely useful!

I’ve been making and selling embroideries since 2011, and I’m always looking for ways to improve my social media, photography, my blog, and my website. I didn’t go to school for business, photography, or art. (I’m a nurse!) So pretty much everything revolving around my business has been learning by trial and error or through books and online resources. I am truly obsessed with self improvement and learning new skills, so I really liked the idea of this online platform.

I signed up for a free trial, and soon after my trial was up, I committed to paying the yearly subscription so that I could continue to take classes. After about a year of consideration, I decided to take the plunge and create my own Skillshare class, Creative Hand Embroidery – Learn How To Embroider Beautiful Florals.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform that has thousands of classes by professionals, creatives, and makers that teach a particular craft or skill. Each class is normally geared toward a project that the student can complete to aid in the learning of the skill.

Skillshare Classes

The videos are on average 30 minutes to an hour in length, but some vary. You can download the app or go to the website and take classes on your computer. It really shows that teachers put a lot of time and effort into their classes, as most of the classes are really high quality, engaging, and packed full of useful information.

The Pros

  • The amount of classes is kind of mind-blowing, and the site is only growing bigger and bigger every day!

  • I like that anyone can teach on this platform, and it isn’t invite-only like some other online teaching platforms. If you have something you’re really knowledgeable and passionate about, you can become a teacher.

  • I feel like there is a sense of community on this platform as well, because students can post their projects in the projects tab of the class to show everyone! Conversations and reviews of the class are also welcomed, so you can see how other people have enjoyed the content before you invest your time in it.

  • The other thing Skillshare has implemented recently was a Community Generated Level, which basically tells you if the class is geared towards beginner, intermediate, or advanced learners.

The Cons

  • In the past, I felt like I’d sometimes have a hard time searching on their website, and the results that I got back weren’t completely relevant to the search I input. That being said, I think that the search engine has gotten a lot better this past year, and I haven’t had any issues eventually finding the class I want to take.

  • There are some classes that the video quality wasn’t the best, but I would way 99% of the classes that I’ve come across and taken were extremely well done!

  • Depending on the class, some content can be outdated, but most teachers make sure to keep things up to date! Just pay attention to the year ( normally in the heading) and you’ll be fine!

Is The Cost of Skillshare Worth It?

The cost per year is $99 or monthly it’s $15. I opted for the yearly cost when I signed up after my free trial. For the price, it’s comparable to an Amazon Prime membership or a monthly Spotify Membership. When you sign up, you get unlimited access to all of the classes that Skillshare offers, which is thousands! For the vast amount of topics that Skillshare classes cover, I would say it is definitely worth the price.

Here’s a list of some of the classes I’ve taken that I really enjoyed and felt like I got a lot out of:

Is the Premium Version of Skillshare Worth it when I can get Skillshare for FREE?!

There are a limited number of classes that are on Skillshare for free, meaning you don’t have to be a premium member. However, if you’re interested in trying three months of premium, unlimited classes for free, you can click on this link. It doesn’t require a commitment or even a credit card, there are no strings attached!

Teach on Skillshare

If you have a particular skill or craft you’re well versed in and you’d like to share it with the world, you can create your own class! Teachers get paid based on the amount of minutes watched and students that take their classes. They can also make additional money by referring other people to join the platform and sign up through their link: (Here’s Mine!)

In Conclusion

Do I think Skillshare is worth it? I think so. If you’re someone that really thrives off of self learning and you think you’ll actually use the subscription and take classes, I think it’s totally worth the small investment. I’ve improved my photography, website, my Etsy, and running my business through taking classes on this platform so to me it’s invaluable!

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