Lazy Daisy Stitch – Flower Tutorial

This flower tutorial is super simple and great to learn as a beginner. It uses two embroidery stitches: lazy daisy stitch and french knot, and can make for a really cute design to embellish clothes or to make some embroidery hoop art with.

Lazy Daisy Stitch

lazy daisy stitch tutorial

For the flower, we will be making 5 lazy daisy stitches. (This is also commonly called a detached chain stitch.) Draw five dots and a center point on a piece of fabric. Start by pulling your thread through the back of the fabric. Go back down through the hole you can up through, leaving a loop of thread. Go back up the fabric leaving some space between your initial stitch and catch the loop with your thread. Make a stitch to secure the loop of thread.

Work from the center dot, making 5 of these stitches.

French Knot

french knot tutorial

Pull your thread through the back of the fabric. Take the thread in your non-working hand and hold tight. Wrap your needle around the thread 2-3 times. Holding the thread secure still with your non working hand, take the needle back down through the hole you came up through and pull tight.

embroidered flower
lazy daisy flower tutorial

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