Leaf Rubbing Art – Embroidery DIY

Spring is coming, and things have been kind of crazy and different because of the COVID-19. I’ve been staying at home, so going for daily walks and runs is super important to brush off that stir crazy feeling. I feel so inspired when I’m out in nature, and all the flowers blooming have me cooking up new ideas for embroidery patterns! This embroidery DIY will be a unique one in that I’ll be showing you how you can use a leaf to make a leaf rubbing stencil!

diy leaf rubbing embroidery

You can use a dried/pressed leaf like I have done, or you can use one that is not. If you do use a leaf that is not pressed, just be mindful of the color of the fabric you’re using because the pigment/ moisture of the leaf could stain the fabric.

pressed leaf used for leaf rubbing

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leaf rubbing stencil for hand embroidery project

What You’ll Need:

leaf rubbing how to
  1. Place the leaf you’re going to use on top of the fabric.
  2. Place the transfer paper with the chalky side down.
  3. With your pencil, start rubbing the transfer paper. Make sure to give it firm pressure and go over the leaf several times so you the stencil is dark.
  4. Now, you’re ready to embroider! Place your fabric in the embroidery hoop and start stitching.
back stitch embroidery

5. I used a simple back stitch to outline the stencil of the leaf.

If you’d like to experiment with other kinds of stitches, here is a post that goes over a bunch of different stitches!

Once you’re done, you can brush off the chalk stencil with your hand or use a damp cloth. I hope you had fun with this little project! It’s pretty open-ended, and I think the possibilities are pretty much endless as to how you stitch it.

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