How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger DIY Tutorial

If I had to define my home decor style, I would say I’m into a Bohemian/Eclectic style of decorating. That being said, we have a TON of macrame plant hangers and wall hangings in our house because I think they give a room lots of texture and dimension. I’ve created my own macrame plant hanger DIY tutorial that you can follow along with!

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

Macrame Materials Needed

  • 2 inch ring / larger ring (optional) that will fit around your plant/pot
  • 9 pieces of 15 feet macrame rope
  • wood beads – (make sure you get beads hole large enough to fit the rope through)
  • scissors

You’ll need to pay attention to how long one roll of rope is, for instance you’ll need to buy 3 of these rolls of rope, which will leave you a little extra rope!

Some Tips

Make sure that you measure your rope accurately and that they are all evenly cut

It’s easiest to make your plant hanger while it’s hanging off of a hook or a doorknob. This will ensure that your knots are even and the tension will make it easier to work the knots.

The rope that I’m using is twisted rope that can be unraveled at the bottom. You can use rope that is braided, but it won’t be able to be unraveled at the end, which gives it a nice finishing touch!

Larks Head Knot

larks head knot

(For instructional purposes, the above only uses 2 strands of rope folded in half, but you’ll be using 8 strands.) Fold 8 of your 15 foot strands of rope in half. Set aside the last strand of the rope you cut. Place the rope underneath the ring and pull the rope through the loop to form a larks head knot.

Four Strand Braid How To

The first macrame technique you’ll use is a four strand braid. Divide your rope into 3 groups, 4 strands each.

four strand braid
  • Cross the inner two strands, left over right.
  • Take the right outer strand a cross over the strand closest to it.
  • Take the left outer strand and cross it under the strand closest to it.

You’re basically going “over, over, under”.

Square Knot

square knot tutorial

At the end of each of the strands, make a square not to secure the four strand braid.

  • Take the outer right strand and place it under the two middle strands of rope.
  • Take the left outer strand and place it under, over, and through the right outer strand
  • Pull Tight

Repeat the four strand braids and the square knot on all three groups of rope.

Leave about 6 to 8 inches of rope and string a bead onto the inner two strands of rope. Secure with a square knot. Repeat for all three strands, trying to keep them as even as possible.

About three to four inches down, join two of the groups of rope together with another square knot. To do this, you’ll be joining the outer two strands of the groups of rope together.

You’ll repeat this for all three groups, creating three square knots that join the three groups of rope together.

Tie all the strands together at the bottom. You can stop here and place your potted plant in the hanger and use it, or you can add a little extra flair to your hanger!

This part is optional, but I used the extra piece of rope and attached it to the ring with a larks head knot. Then, I secured the larger gold ring with a knot so that it sits vertically/ around the plant pot.

This ring took some trial and error, but I’m pleased with the final result of this macrame plant hanger! Once you’re happy with the way your planter looks you can trim the bottom rope and unravel the twists to finish everything up!

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