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Hand Embroidery Supplies

11 Essential Supplies Every Embroiderer Should Have

My Go To Hand Embroidery Supplies (Embroidery Supplies I Use Daily!)


Disclaimer: This post has Amazon affiliate links in it. I receive a small commision from purchases at no additional cost to the buyer. I only recommend products I would use and are of good quality.

This is a list of hand embroidery supplies and tools that make my life easier, and that I believe are somewhat essential! I find that these really help keep me organized and just make the whole experience of embroidering easier and more pleasant!

1.  A Pin Cushion — I use this all the time to store all my different needles so I don’t lose them. But who am I kidding, I still misplace them around the house sometimes…

2. Magnetic Needle Tin – This is great when you’re traveling! It’s pocket sized and has a little magnet in the tin so the needles won’t float around in the tin. There are a ton of cute colors that DMC makes!

3. Dressmaker Shears – These are definitely worth your purchase. I got these because they are super sharp and they’re great for cutting out fabric! I try to designate this pair for only cutting fabric to keep them nice and sharp and I use another pair for cutting thread. It also helps that they’re so pretty!!

embroidery scissors

4. Fine Point, Sharp Tipped Scissors – Warm Crochet reached out over a year ago to send me a pair of their scissors and I have to say they are really really sharp and have a great weight to them!Honestly, for the price I was expecting a product that was a bit cheaply made but these scissors are gorgeous and very effective. I was pleasantly surprised!  I literally use them everyday and prefer them over any of my other scissors.

5. Snap Frame – This is more of a quilting snap frame, but this works great for larger pieces or clothing. The frame comes apart to its portable and it keeps your fabric very secure and doesn’t slip at all.

6. Water Soluble Markers – I can’t live without these. I use them for all of my designs before I start stitching. The marker stays well even when your hands come into contact and dabbing with a damp cloth removes the marker when you’re done! I like these way better than using a permanent marker because you can fix mistakes and you don’t have any marker showing through when you’re finished with your piece.

7. Gold Plated Needles – Don’t let these fool you, they’re really affordable needles and they make threading the eye way easier! These are definitely my go to needles that I prefer to use.

8. Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer – This is a bit more expensive, but it lasts a long time and is totally worth your while if you’re looking for a wash away stabilizer. Not only does it stabilize your fabric, but it’s transparent so I use a permanent marker and trace my designs directly onto the stabilizer. Most of the time I can get away with tearing it away when I’m done. I never have problems with it ripping though! I use the Medium Weight, but it comes in light, medium, and ultra.

9. Plastic Thread Bobbins – these are a must-have for me. I used to keep the thread as it comes but it gets tangled really easily. I recommend using the plastic bobbins; there are paper ones out there but they’re not very durable. I then organize all of them to correlate with the DMC color chart and put them in a thread organizer box! (See the next two photos)

dmc embroidery thread

10. DMC Color chart– I use this to organize my thread. I know it sounds like overkill, but it really helps to organize the thread shades so that they correspond. The numbers of thread don’t necessarily always go in order, and it really helps to have like shades of colors near each other for my pet portraits that I do!

11. Thread Organizer – This thing makes it so easy to organize and see all of the thread I have! No more shuffling around a big pile of embroidery thread. It’s also portable so I just pop it in a backpack with all my other embroidery supplies when I travel! (Who doesn’t bring their entire collection of embroidery thread with them wherever they go, amiright?!)

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