Rope Necklace DIY – Thread Wrapping Tutorial

I’ve been super into the look of chunky, minimalist jewelry lately. This DIY takes little to no time or money to make. This quick and simple rope necklace DIY involves wood beads and colorful thread!

diy wrapped rope necklace

What you’ll need:

  • Wood Beads – (make sure the holes are big enough to fit onto the rope!)
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Thread
putting beads on rope necklace
Cut the necklace to the length you’d like it. Thread the desired beads onto the necklace.
With your embroidery thread, you’re going to fold the thread in half. Leaving a loop at the top and tail at the bottom, wrap the thread around the folded over end and the rope. I find it easiest to wrap starting from the bottom to the top. Once you’ve wrapped the desired amount, put the end of the thread you wrapped with through the loop. Pull the tail at the bottom. This will secure the end of the thread you wrapped with underneath the wrapped thread. Trim the ends, and you’re done!
tying a knot in rope necklace
Secure a knot in the rope.

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