Spoonflower Review – My Review of Their Fabric

I’ve been using Spoonflower for my pre printed embroidery patterns now for awhile. I’ve also tested out their fabric swatches with various little designs I’ve made and I’ve even gotten a sampler of all of the fabrics and colors they offer. This review is more geared toward fabric that I use for embroidery and not necessarily sewing clothes, but I think it will be helpful either way! This post is not sponsored by them, it is just my personal opinion about the company and my experiences!

Spoonflower is a website that sells fabric that artists design, but they also have a custom option where you can have your personal designs printed on the fabric. There are thousands of designs you can choose from, and all of them are very well done and modern. I like that artists are able to make some income and showcase their work on this website; it’s not just one person or company making the fabric! The designs are all searchable, so if you have a certain kind of fabric in mind, you can easily find it by searching.

spoonflower fabric

Fabric Quality

For my embroidery patterns, I use the linen cotton canvas fabric. This is a medium weight fabric that’s super nice to embroider on due to it’s weave and durability. I did, however, get samples of some of the other fabrics as well as a sample pack of all of them. All of the fabrics’ weave was even with no visible defects, and they were all smooth and nice to the touch.

spoonflower color and fabric swatches

Timeliness of Shipping

You can pay for rushed shipping, but the fee is pretty hefty. I have never paid for rush shipping, but I always feel like my order comes in a timely manner. On average, the processing time of my orders have been about 5-6 days after purchase. You get a notification of shipment and a tracking number once they’ve fulfilled your order. I get the package really quickly after it ships, but that may also be because their headquarters are in North Carolina, only a few hours away from where I live.

Printing Quality

This all depends on your design and the quality of your design, but as long as you set yourself up for success, you’ll receive a nice quality product. In order to upload your design onto spoonflower, you’ll need a .jpeg or .png file. I upload my files straight from my Ipad and I use procreate to make my designs. On procreate, the DPI is defaulted to 300, which is a good rule of thumb so that if you have to resize the image, it won’t get pixelized. Spoonflower has Picmonkey, an editing software built into their site so you can easily crop and edit any designs or images. You can then resize and change the layout of the design on the fabric. I’ve found that the software they have is easy to work with, and I’ve gotten consistent results with my orders.

The quality of the printing is great in my opinion. Every design I have ordered comes just as I had designed it. I’ve never had a problem with any irregularities or miss-prints. The colors are accurate, too!

spoonflower printed fabric


My favorite part about Spoonflower is that they have a major focus on sustainability. According to their website, their dying process saves water, they have fabric recycling practices in place, and they ethically source their materials. The ingredients they use for printing are considered “best-in-class” and have a Greenguard Certification.


I really have nothing bad to say about Spoonflower. I’ve only ever had positive experiences with them! If you’d like to try printing your own designs or order fabric for your next sewing or DIY project, I highly recommend them!

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