The Best Books for Creative Entrepreneurs

Do you have a creative hobby or side hustle that you’re thinking of making bigger or turning into a business? This was me a couple of years ago. Embroidery was once just a hobby; I’d make some embroidery projects for myself and for friends, but never thought it would be something that would be part of my job. I started devoting time to reading and listening to podcasts about creative people like me, and realized that it was a possibility! Who wouldn’t want to make a living off of something that they love and are so passionate about!

Sometimes you need some inspiration in your life, whether you’re looking for guidance or you’re in a creative rut. These books for creativity and art are some of my very favorite that I have read, and that have helped me learn things about creative entrepreneurship.

Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs

In the Company of Women is by Grace Bonney, the owner of the popular interior and lifestyle blog Design Sponge. She interviews over 300 women entrepreneurs, artists, and overall women who made a life for themselves through creative work. It’s super inspiring, and a lot of the women give good tips and insights into how they got to where they are today.

I’ve followed Lisa Congdon on Instagram and heard interviews of her on podcasts. She didn’t become an artist until she was in her 40s. In fact, she was a school teacher before! This book gives you the ins and outs of how to make it as an artist. Art Inc. has got really good tips, and it’s all stuff that she herself had to figure out as she was developing her art career.

Best Books for Business Development

Will It Fly by Patt Flynn is another book that’s great. It’s more broadly geared towards anyone wanting to start a business, but he walks you through exercises, or “thought experiments” throughout the entire book to see if your idea is worth developing into or as part of your business. The formula he’s come up with is supposed to be able to predict how successful an idea is before you devote all your time to it.

The next book is Choose by Ryan Levesque. Again, this is a more broadly focused book about developing business ideas. The book takes you through exercises to see what niche business ideas are smart to base a business around. Even though Will it Fly and Choose are both based around business development, but I feel like they are presented so differently that it’s nice to have two different perspectives! I believe they are both great for creative entrepreneurs because they are very logical…as creatives, we think with our hearts instead of with our brains sometimes!

books for creative entrepreneurs

If you’ve never listened to Creative Pep Talk, you’re missing out. Andy, the host of this podcast is super fun, real, and gives super actionable advice for creative careers. This isn’t a novel, but a workbook, but sometimes you need to just start IMPLEMENTING! So this workbook is the perfect thing!

These are all of my recommendations as of recently. I hope you enjoy! If you have some other book recommendations, please let me know! I’m always looking for more to read (or listen) to!