The Best Hand Embroidery Online Classes in 2020

I love continuing to learn new techniques when it comes to hand embroidery, and also see how others make their hand embroidery…there is no one way to do things! Also, everyone has such a unique style which I find to be so cool. That’s why I decided to round up some of the best hand embroidery classes in my opinion that you can take to level up your knowledge and also create some cool projects along the way. These classes that I’ll be going over are for all levels of embroiderers, from beginner to more advanced!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you decide to sign up or purchase a class. I only recommend classes that I have tried and love!

Painting With Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners by Danielle Clough

screenshot of an embroidery made by Danielle Clough in her class Painting with Thread
screenshot of painting with thread class by Danielle Clough

This class is a MUST. I’ve been a fan of Danielle’s work for years, and I really enjoyed learning more about how to incorporate more color into my embroidery. She is definitely not afraid of color with her vivid portraits, and she uses it so beautifully! Her class was full of tips and tricks on how to get started, how to use a reference photo, and tips on how to blend and use color. If you’d like to take her class and sign up for a free 2 month trial on skillshare, click here.

Startup Project: Modern Hand Embroidery by Jessica Long

floral embroidery by Jessica Long
Embroidery by Jessica Long

Jessica’s embroidery is so inspiring and I really love her style and the way she plays with different colors and stitches. This class is geared towards anyone even if you’ve never embroidered before. I really appreciated how detailed she is in how she embroiders and she sprinkles in some tips and tricks that I had never though of or heard of before! This class has two projects in it: a floral wreath(pictured above) and a thread painted bear! This class is a paid class on Bluprint. If you’re not a member or would like to try out Bluprint for 7 days, you can sign up for free here!

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Embroidery on Denim by Kat Mctee

screenshot of embroidery on denim class by Kat Mctee. flower embroidery on denim
screenshot of Embroidery on Denim class by Kat Mctee

If you’ve ever wanted to embroider on denim and clothes, this class is great! It goes over several projects to embroider on denim like jeans and chambray shirts. It also has a visible mending section, which I had been wanting to learn about and really enjoyed.

Llama Embroidery Project by Jessica Long

Jessica has another class that is taught by Vanessa Vargas Wilson that walks you through step by step on how to make this extremely cute llama embroidery. The textures of this embroidery are insane! It’s geared towards all levels, but doesn’t it look so impressive?

Embroidery on Photographs by Peggy Dean

embroidery on photographs class by peggy dean
Screenshot of Embroidery on Photographs class by Peggy Dean

Peggy Dean does not disappoint with this super creative class on a medium that is not very often used in embroidery, photographs!! I’ve taken several of her other classes and they’re all amazing. She walks you through how to source your photographs, set up your photograph to be embroidered, and some stitches you can use with specific examples of her making these embroidered photographs. I’ve always wondered how to do this! This is a really fun and creatively fulfilling class!

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