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The Best Hand Embroidery Supplies To Buy On Etsy

Whenever possible, I love to shop on Etsy for hand embroidery supplies because I love supporting fellow small business owners. The good news is that you can find pretty much everything you need on Etsy and get high-quality items at reasonable prices! Here are a few I’m loving.

This post is part of a series of posts I have about hand embroidery supplies.

This post contains affiliate links in it. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

hand embroidery supplies

From the top left

  1. Blue Embroidery Hoop Frames – Modern Hoopla
  2. Cosmic Cat Needleminder -Indoor Cat Studio Shop
  3. Small Red Embroidery Scissors – Crafty Wool Felt
  4. Vintage Crafting Scissors – Anastasia Marie Shop
  5. Earthy Color Embroidery Fabric – Jess Long Embroidery
  6. Frixion Heat Erasable Pen – Jess Long Embroidery

Oh, and if you’re still shopping around, you can check out even more of my favorites here.