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Beginner Hand Embroidery E-Book


Learn how to embroidery with this beginner hand embroidery ebook that features 4 beginner projects and details about materials, resources, and stitches to use.

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Beginner Hand Embroidery E-book

This is a 27 page PDF Ebook full of all the information and projects you need to get started embroidering! I made this book in the hopes that you can avoid some of the trial and error that comes along with learning a new skill. There are so many materials and products out there, and in this book I go over different types of tools, fabric, and materials you’ll need to get started.

This e-book is for:

  • Anyone that’s never embroidered before
  • Beginners looking for worthwhile information about embroidery supplies and techniques as well as modern, enjoyable projects that build upon basic stitches

What’s in it

The beginning of the e-book explains all of the materials you’ll need to start to embroider. It goes in-depth about:

  • Embroidery hoops
  • Embroidery needles
  • Embroidery thread
  • Ideal types of fabric to use
  • Transfer supplies and stencil transferring technique
  • Helpful supplies to have on hand
  • Securing/ finishing stitches
  • Finishing the back of your embroidery hoop

This ebook includes 4 projects that are beginner-friendly.

  • The first project, an embroidered pillowcase uses only one basic stitch and looks so cute!
  • The second and third projects are embroidery hoop designs, and they build off of one another so you can incorporate some basic stitches to make impressive embroidery hoops.
  • The final project, an embroidered mason jar lid is a fun, unique project that includes several different design stencils to choose from!

***As an added bonus, I’ve included a stacked teacup pdf pattern!

All of the projects include color suggestions, a stencil, and clear photos as well as step by step instructions for each stitch that is used.

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