I teach on an online teaching platform called Skillshare. I love this site because teachers from all around the world can share their expertise in a large variety of skills. You can find a bit of everything here: photography, social media marketing, illustration, design, etc. I love learning new skills and was and still am a premium member before I even began teaching. Skillshare is a paid platform, but if you’ve never signed up before you can access unlimited classes for FREE for 1 month! Just click one of the links to the classes and you can sign up for a free trial. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Thread Painting Class

Learn how to thread paint a realistic butterfly in this class. The class will provide you with thread painting basics and show you how to complete the embroidery from start to finish.

Adding Texture and Dimension to Embroidery

Stitch a coffee lady in this class that shows you how to add extra depth and contrast to your embroidery to really make it pop

Intermediate Hand Embroidery

Ready for some new stitches to add to your toolkit? These are a bit more challenging, but oh so fun to learn. We’ll be applying these new stitches to another floral spray.