I learned embroidery and basic fiber art skills from my grandmother when I was a child. Not until late high school and my college years in nursing school did it become something I regularly did. I needed some kind of creative outlet that helped me to decompress from the stress of the everyday. I’ve always been a hands on person, so making things and doing-it-myself felt natural and fulfilling.

All of my embroideries are designed by myself and made meticulously with love and hard work. The goal of Crewel Ghoul is to celebrate hand craft along with well made, well loved items.  For me, the beauty of handmade is that no one item is completely alike, and the flaws and irregularities make it special. In a world that is so digitized, it feels good to add something imperfect, tangible, and simple into the mix.

I love to create a large assortment of items but some of my favorites are botanical and floral imagery, embroidered pet portraits, and landscapes. Custom requests are always welcomed so don’t hesitate to send me an email.

I have an affinity towards anything old and the story it tells. This past year, I picked up an antique Singer chainstitch machine and have been making patches. I have also incorporated vintage clothing into my shop, some of which I embroider on. I love putting a modern twist onto old clothing and I think everyone should incorporate some old with some new! Most importantly, buying vintage and second hand is a more ethical and environmentally friendly option. It’s the little things that matter.