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I learned embroidery and basic fiber art skills from my grandmother when I was a child. Not until late high school and my college years in nursing school did it become something I regularly did. I needed some kind of creative outlet that helped me to decompress from the stress of the everyday. I’ve always been a hands-on person, so creating things felt incredibly freeing and fulfilling.

This website was born out of a longing to share my creations and the skills I have learned along the way. Here you’ll find everything related to embroidery and various other needlecrafts…from tutorials, kits, and patterns.

All of my embroideries and patterns are designed by myself and made meticulously with love and hard work. Some of the things that inspire me are botanical and floral imagery, antique postcards, old embroidery books I find at thrift shops.

The goal of Crewel Ghoul is to celebrate an age-old handcraft and inspire others to be creative.  The beauty of handmade items is that no item is completely alike, and the flaws and irregularities make it special.