Shopping Guide To The Best Quality Embroidery Hoops

Whether you’re looking to display your work in a polished looking embroidery hoop, or you’re looking for a hoop that is great quality and easy to use, this shopping guide is full of some of the best quality embroidery hoops out there.

I’m sure you’ve gone to the craft store before and felt like your options were somewhat limited for embroidery hoops. A lot of embroidery hoops are made of cheap wood or bamboo. The bamboo hoops are prone to warping, which makes them a challenge to work with because they don’t always grip the fabric evenly. On the other hand, the cheap wood hoops tend to chip easily and appear to be made of pressed wood, which just doesn’t look as nice.

All of the hoops in this post are ones that are nice to work with, made of high quality materials, and/or look super nice to hang and display work in.

the best embroidery hoops for stitching and displaying

For each option, I have rated it by grip, display, style + size, and price.


Grip focuses around how well each hoop grips the fabric while you are stitching on it. The hoops with the highest grip rating are the most ideal to embroider in.

1/3: Does not grip the fabric evenly or well at all

2/3: Grips the fabric evenly but requires occasional readjusting of the fabric

3/3: Grips the fabric evenly but requires little to no readjusting of the fabric


Display rating focuses around how nice the embroidery hoop looks for displaying finished embroidery work in.

1/3: Not a great hoop to display work in, unfinished or odd color

2/3: Has a smooth appearance, not ideal for display but has a more finished look

3/3: Has a polished, finished appearance

Style + Size

Style + size options include the variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that the embroidery hoop is available in.

1/3: Comes in very limited sizes, hard to find other shapes and/or colors

2/3: Comes in a large variety of sizes, has a few options for other shapes and/or colors

3/3: Comes in a large variety of sizes, has many different shape options and colors

Best Quality Embroidery Hoops

Best Budget Friendly Option

best embroidery hoops

These hoops are made of a nicer quality wood and are one of the most affordable options for a nice embroidery hoop. The wood is nicely sanded down and the rings are a bit thicker and less flimsy than most craft store embroidery hoops that are made of pressed wood or bamboo.

These are the most budget friendly option when they are bought in packs. (They usually come in 6 packs)

You can find them on Amazon.

Grip: 2/3

Display: 2/3

Style + Size: 2/3

Price: $

Best Quality Wooden Embroidery Hoops

best quality wood embroidery hoops

These are the best wood embroidery hoops out there, in my opinion. They are made of beechwood, which is a higher quality wood than most hoops you can find at the craft store. The inner and outer rings are thicker and more rigid. The wood is also sanded and finished with a light stain and seal. The hardware on on these hoops is much nicer and adds a nice finishing touch to them.

These hoops come with a screwdriver to tighten the hardware. Due to the hardware being a bit more heavy duty, it can be hard to tighten it by hand. Once you tighten it with the screwdriver, the fabric stays tight in these hoops, making them great to embroider with.

Pricing can vary on these, depending on where you get them and the brand you choose to buy, but I have linked the most affordable options below.

These hoops can be found on Etsy and Amazon

Grip: 3/3

Display: 3/3

Style + Size: 2/3

Price: $$ – $$$

Best Non-Slip Embroidery Hoop

Susan Bates non-slip hoops are the best to work with, but not so much to display. If you having trouble with the fabric slipping when you are stitching, these are a great option. The lip on the inner ring grips the fabric to keep it secure and tight. These hoops are a great option to use when you need a larger size. I have found that wood embroidery hoops at larger sizes tend to slip more, and these hoops, even in the 10-12 inch sizes, definitely do the job of keeping your fabric taught.

You can find them at most craft stores or on Amazon.

Grip: 3/3

Display: 1/3

Style + Size: 2/3

Price: $

Best Option For Displaying Embroidery

best quality embroidery hoops

These flexi hoops are great if you’re wanting a darker hoop to display finished work in. They are also great because they come in several different shapes and a wide variety of sizes and colors.

You can choose from solid colors or imitation wood, and each hoop has a decorative hanger instead of a metal clasp on the top.

Pricing on these can vary, but they are very affordable when you buy them in packs. You can find them on Amazon.

Grip: 2/3

Display: 3/3

Style + Size: 3/3

Price: $-$$

I hope this guide to the best quality embroidery hoops was helpful. I personally use all of these different kinds of hoops depending on what I am doing and what I need to use them for.

If you’re new to embroidery and you’re looking to learn even more about how to use embroidery hoops as well as some tips for choosing the right one, check out my guide to embroidery hoops and how to use them.

You may also enjoy this post all about storing embroidery hoops.

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