Beginner Embroidery Stitches

If you’ve never embroidered before, I highly suggest learning these stitches first. Even a few of these can take you a long way in embroidery!

30+ Embroidery Stitches

Learn over 30 hand embroidery stitches with step by step photos and instructions as well as some extra helpful tips sprinkled in so you can perfect them even more.


Outline Stitches

Decorative Border Stitches

Check out even more decorative border stitches.

Fill Stitches

Decorative Stitches

Want to learn even more embroidery stitches?

This workbook is NOT your usual stitch encyclopedia. Most embroidery books don’t actually show you how you can use each embroidery stitch and they also don’t come with many tips. This workbook is packed full of helpful information to make you a better, more confident stitcher.

It comes with:

  • embroidery stitch tutorials
  • helpful tips for each stitch that will maximize your learning and improve the way your embroidery looks
  • fun, modern embroidery patterns you can use to learn the stitches with ease