How To Do A Brick Stitch – Embroidery Tutorial

The brick stitch is a series of staggered back stitches that makes a pattern that, you guessed it, looks like bricks! It’s actually quite simple to learn how to do a brick stitch. It’s a great way to add some texture to your embroidery and it can be used to neatly fill shapes in.

how to do a brick stitch

How To Do A Brick Stich

  1. Start by coming up through the back of the fabric and making a single stitch.
  2. Skip a small space, the same size as the length of the first stitch, and come up through the fabric.
  3. Go back down beside the first stitch you made.
  4. Repeat the desired length of the shape you want to fill in.
  5. Start directly under the line of stitches you made and come up underneath the middle of one of the stitches you made. This will start to stagger the stitches.
  6. Continue making back stitches but make sure the stitches are staggered so that the end of each stitch sits under the middle of each stitch above it.

Double Brick Stitch

double brick stitch

When you do a double brick stitch, you will make two lines of back stitches whose stitches are lined up and then stagger another two lines of back stitches underneath. Repeat until you’ve filled the shape in.

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and helped you learn how to do the brick stitch. Try it by filling in some simple shapes next time you’re stitching!

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how to do a brick stitch embroidery

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