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  • The Complete Guide To Embroidery Bundle


    Everything you need to learn how to embroider in one place. 2 PDF bundle

    • The Complete Guide To Embroidery contains a wealth of information for getting started. Material recommendations, techniques, and super helpful tips.
    • The Embroidery Stitch Workbook contains 6 modern beginner projects that help you practice embroidery stitches in the most fun way possible.
  • 30+ Hand Embroidery Stitches Downloadable PDF


      30 + Hand Embroidery Stitches This downloadable pdf is full of over 30 + hand embroidery stitches that are fun and great to use for any embroidery project. There are step by step photos and instructions for each stitch as well as some general helpful tips that will help you perfect them. Embroidery Stitches…

  • Embroidery Stitch Workbook


      Embroidery Stitch Workbook This 48 page eBook is an embroidery stitch workbook that includes 11 different embroidery stitches and 6 different modern embroidery patterns.  Learn More Efficiently and Have Fun Doing It As someone who is self taught, I wanted to make a “workbook” instead of just making another stitch encyclopedia. (There are plenty…

  • Embroidery Design eBook


      This embroidery stencils ebook is full of 50+ embroidery patterns. Most of the designs fit into a 4-7 inch oval or circular embroidery hoop but they can also be used to stitch onto clothes! Here are the specific designs you’ll see in the book: ♡ kewpies ♡ heart designs ♡ moon designs ♡ animals:…