Embroidery Stitch Workbook


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Embroidery Stitch Workbook

This 48 page eBook is an embroidery stitch workbook that includes 11 different embroidery stitches and 6 different modern embroidery patterns. 

Learn More Efficiently and Have Fun Doing It

As someone who is self taught, I wanted to make a “workbook” instead of just making another stitch encyclopedia. (There are plenty of those out there already.) My goal in making this is to help make it easier and quicker for you learn embroidery.

When I was learning how to embroider, I found that most embroidery books don’t really show you how each stitch can be used or applied to an actual embroidery.

I would end up practicing the stitch over and over again (which gets boring) or I would create a design that used the stitch to practice.

Making your own patterns can be very time consuming and hard to do when you’re learning. 

That’s where this workbook comes in!

This workbook will walk you through how to do each embroidery stitch, and there are also lots of helpful tips included for each one to help you better understand them.

Here is what you’ll see in the eBook:

♡ how to transfer a pattern
♡ tutorials for back stitch
♡ satin stitch
♡ chain stitch
♡ stem stitch
♡ split stitch
♡ French knot
♡ woven wheel
♡ fly stitch
♡ turkey work
♡ long and short stitch
♡ blanket stitch

Patterns included in the eBook:

♡ simple flower pattern
♡ coffee pattern
♡ ship in a bottle pattern
♡ lady peeking through roses pattern
♡ café girl pattern
♡ potted cactus pattern

The book contains instructions on how to transfer the designs to fabric as well as a link to a resource page for recommended embroidery supplies.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive one PDF file. You’ll need a pdf reader, which you can download at https://get.adobe.com/reader

The file prints best on standard printer paper using the letter size option.

This ebook and all of its designs are for personal use only. Please do not share, duplicate, or sell the artwork included in this book. I of course don’t mind if you gift some of you’re creations, though!


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