10+ Amazing Free Embroidery Patterns For Beginners

Here’s a round up of some free beginner embroidery patterns that are awesome, but better yet, they’re free! These patterns are beginner friendly and don’t require much of an investment besides a few very basic embroidery supplies.

Patterns are the best way to improve your hand embroidery skills, and the most important thing is that they’re fun! I hope you enjoy the variety of beautiful patterns featured in this post.

If you’re new to embroidery, check out this recommended supplies list and this post that will guide you through how to get started.

Patterns Available On Crewel Ghoul

This list features free hand embroidery patterns that are available on Crewel Ghoul. If you enjoy these free embroidery designs, please check out my shop where I have more pdf patterns and embroidery kits to try!

All of the patterns listed below are relatively easy embroidery patterns that use simple stitches. There’s a good mix of simple and more elaborate designs, but all of them are beginner friendly and come with clear instructions to make them.

All of them are available to download and print out. Please use them for personal use only!

Supplies Needed

For all of the patterns below, I recommend having the following supplies on hand

  • Embroidery Hoop – I like this kind that are available on Etsy
  • Embroidery Needle
  • DMC 6 strand embroidery floss
  • Fabric – cotton or linen is ideal

Desert Sun and Moon Pattern

free embroidery pattern of desert sun and moon

This desert moon embroidery pattern may look complicated, but all of the stitches are relatively easy to do. This particular design uses a few different fundamental stitches that everyone should learn.

Antique Sewing Machine Pattern

floral sewing machine embroidery

I love antiques, so naturally I had to make a cute beginner pattern inspired by old Singer sewing machines. Grab the pattern here.

Daisy Embroidery Pattern

If you’ve never embroidered flowers before, this is a great place to start. This daisy embroidery is an easy pattern that uses a few basic stitches. The blog post features step by step instructions to complete it so it’s a great pattern for any beginner.

Rainbow Embroidery Pattern

rainbow  pattern

Learn how to do a turkey stitch with this fun and vibrant rainbow design.

Lemon Embroidery Pattern

free printable lemon embroidery pattern

Outline stitches can be used as fill stitches too! This citrusy pattern uses some basic embroidery stitches to create interesting textures.

Plant Embroidery Pattern

free hand embroidery design of houseplants

There is so much variety not only in the plant species but also the embroidery stitches in this house plant embroidery! This is by far the most challenging of all the free patterns I offer, but I think stitchers at any skill level should be able to make this fun project.

Stitch Samplers

Beginner Embroidery Stitch Sampler

embroidery sampler

I created this so you can learn 10 basic hand embroidery stitches with this embroidery sampler pattern. If you’ve never embroidered before, this is a great way to get your feet wet! You’ll learn the blanket stitch, chain stitch, French knot, stem stitch, satin stitch, and many more.

Fill Stitch Sampler

There are many interesting ways to fill in areas large and small. Grab the downloadable design and learn 10 different fill stitches with this floral fill stitch sampler.

Raised Embroidery Stitch Sampler

This raised embroidery stitch sampler is so much fun to stitch. You’ll become a pro at these needle weaving techniques.

Want to learn even more embroidery stitches?

This workbook is NOT your usual stitch encyclopedia. Most embroidery books don’t actually show you how you can use each embroidery stitch and they also don’t come with many tips. This workbook is packed full of helpful information to make you a better, more confident stitcher.

It comes with:

  • embroidery stitch tutorials
  • helpful tips for each stitch that will maximize your learning and improve the way your embroidery looks
  • fun, modern embroidery patterns you can use to learn the stitches with ease

More Free Patterns

These are patterns from fellow embroidery artists that I’ve found around the internet.

free modern book embroidery pattern by the mom creative
Image Credit: The Mom Creative

This blooming books pattern by The Mom Creative features an open book with colorful flowers coming out of it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and full of color!

Stitch Floral has a bunch of floral embroidery tutorials and free embroidery patterns to download that look like so much fun. Her style is very intricate, and some of what she does involves thread painting. The one I linked is my favorite!

DMC has a ton of free patterns that many artists have contributed to. This one, which features pink flowers, is by Femme-broidery and it’s such a cute embroidery pattern! The color palette is perfect.

Jenny of Sublime Stitching has tons of resources and patterns, and her stencil book was actually the first book that I got to learn how to embroider! I couldn’t find it online, but Jenny has a similar product here: Doodle Stitching Transfer Pack. This cactus PDF pattern is the perfect little pattern for beginners, as it uses a few basic stitches to complete!

you are enough floral embroidery pattern
Image Credit: Cutesy Crafts

This embroidery pattern features the quote “you are enough” with a floral border surrounding it. It’s by Cutesy Crafts and is the perfect project for a beginner that wants to learn how to embroider letters and flowers!

Looking for even more free designs?

I hope you enjoy this selection of free patterns and you learn something new!

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