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How to Embroider a Daisy – Free Embroidery Pattern

Spring is here, so what better way to celebrate than to make a daisy embroidery! I’ll show you an easy way to embroider daisies in this beginner hand embroidery tutorial that includes a free pattern you can use.

This pattern is just one of many hand embroidery patterns on the site.

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free daisy embroidery pattern

DMC colors: (743, 905, white)

Embroidery supplies you’ll need:

Daisy Embroidery

Flower Petals

For the flower petals, use white and make satin stitches.

how to embroidery daisies

Center of Flowers

For the center of the flowers, use yellow and make french knots.

how to embroider a daisy
embroidered daisies


For the leaves, make a detached chain stitch (single chain stitch) and then make a straight stitch to fill in the center of the stitch.

detached chain stitch leaves
free daisy embroidery pattern
framed daisy embroidery

I framed the embroidery in this beautiful and easy-to-use embroidery frame! They’re great because you can leave the embroidery in its hoop because of the way the hoops are designed. You can purchase one similar to this here.

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