18 Interesting Embroidery Insects To Stitch

There’s something so intriguing about the exoskeletons and wings of insects. From vibrant colors to unsettling markings, their peculiar features are really fun to stitch. Whether you’re looking to make something for an entomophile friend or you’re slowly creating a collection of faux insect specimens for your wall, this post will provide you with a large variety of embroidery insects to choose from!

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Embroidery Insects

If you can’t decide on just one bug or insect to stitch, why not stitch them all! This pattern is called A Bug’s Life made by Botanical Stitching.

Beetle Embroidery Patterns

These beetle embroidery patterns are mesmerizing. They use an assortment of decorative stitches as well as beads to make a really interesting final result!

Featured below: Anatomical Beetle by KF Needlework Design and Scarab Beetle by Kory Little Shop

Moth Embroidery Patterns

3-d embroidery moth

Moths have such fun markings in their wings to stitch. Many have creepy looking eyes, others have shapes that look like skulls to ward off predators. Here is a wide array of different kinds that would provide hours of stitching entertainment. Some of these designs even have 3-dimensional wings!

Patterns featured below: Tiger Moth Pattern By Stitch In Twine and Magical Moth Friend by Emillie Ferris

Free Moth Embroidery Pattern

The Yellow Birdhouse has a free moth stitch sampler pattern that includes 10 embroidery stitches. Grab the pattern here.

Butterfly Embroidery Patterns

monarch butterfly embroidery

Butterflies are another really interesting insect to embroider because of all of the beautiful vibrant colors that their wings feature. Naturally, blending colors together similar to painting makes it easier to emulate their beauty, so the patterns below are all thread painting patterns.

Featured below: Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly by Stitch In Twine.

Free Butterfly Tutorial

embroidered buttly on pocket

Check out this tutorial to learn how to embroider a simple butterfly.

Embroidered Ladybugs

ladybug embroidery

Whether you’re just starting out with embroidery or you’re just looking for a fun project, everyone loves ladybugs. Check out this free tutorial to create a cute and simple ladybug.

And if you’re looking for a larger pattern, these two ladybug embroidery designs are very colorful and fun.

Embroidered Bee Patterns

bee book corner

Who doesn’t love a cute bumble bee! The designs featured use the technique of thread painting to create a stunning, almost realistic embroidery. Why not create a fun and functional embroidery with this fun book corner pattern (pictured above).

The patterns below feature Bee Hand Embroidery Pattern by Emillie Ferris and Bumble Bee in Wildflower Wreath Thread Painting Embroidery Pattern by The Midnight Wren.

embroidered bee

Free Bee Embroidery Tutorial

If you’re looking for a super easy and free tutorial, check out this tutorial for how to stitch a simple bee.

18 embroidery insects patterns

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