Cute Autumnal Embroidered Pumpkins Tutorial

One of my favorite times to embroider is during the changing of seasons, and I’m sure you’ve landed on this tutorial for the same reason: to celebrate Fall making all the cozy things!

This simple and easy tutorial will show you how to stitch some autumnal embroidered pumpkins and only uses a few simple stitches.

I think these little embellishments would look very cute an article of clothing (maybe a knit sweater?) or to add a little something extra to something you’re sewing. They are very versatile…let’s get into it!

embroidered pumpkins surrounded by embroidery floss and scissors

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Embroidered Pumpkins Tutorial

Supplies Needed

How To Embroider A Pumpkin

pumpkin embroidery design

Using a Frixion heat erasable pen, I drew very basic shapes for the pumpkins and added a few leaves as well. I think it looks nice to draw different sizes for the pumpkins and then fill in some of the area around the pumpkins with greenery.

For the pumpkins I chose a pale yellow, muted orange, and light brown. For the leaves and greenery, I chose two shades of green. Any color palette with somewhat muted or burnt colors definitely gives off a modern fall aesthetic.

Once you’ve drawn on your design and picked out the colors you want to use, you can get started stitching. To start out, split stitch along the ridges of the pumpkin using 2-3 strands of floss. (This first step isn’t necessary, but I think it helps to get a neater edge when you fill in the pumpkins, which is the most challenging part of stitching them.)

how to embroider a simple pumpkin

Then start on one side of the shape and fill in each ridge with horizontal satin stitches using 2-3 strands of floss, overlapping over one of the rows of split stitches.

filling in the pumpkin

After each row of satin stitches, you can fluff up the stitches by sticking your needle underneath the stiches.

Continue filling in each of the ridges until the pumpkin is completely filled in. For the center ridge, I stitched over the 2 center rows of split stitches instead of just one.

how to stitch the stem of a pumpkin

To fill in the stem, make rows of split stitches using 4 strands of brown floss.

Repeat these steps for any additional pumpkins.

embroidered pumpkins

To add some finishing touches, you can satin stitch the leaves and stem stitch the stems using 2-3 strands of floss. Then fill in some of the negative space around the pumpkins with French knots again using 2-3 strands.

And there you have it, a simple but super cozy pumpkin embroidery!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You may also enjoy this spooky ghost embroidery tutorial.

Embroidered pumpkin stitch tutorial

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