What To Do With Finished Embroidery Projects

You’re all done stitching, and now you’re wondering what to do with your finished embroidery project!

The most common way, of course, is to keep the embroidery in the hoop and finish the back of the hoop with fabric or felt. But there are even better, more creative ways to display finished embroidery projects that I wanted to share in this post.

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What To Do With Embroidery When You’re Done Stitching

what to do with finished embroidery projects - framed embroidery

Frame It

You can frame your embroidery in a traditional frame using a sticky mounting board. This gives your embroidery a more polished look than an unfinished embroidery hoop will, and it’s super easy to do yourself! I like to collect vintage frames that I find at thrift stores to use. It really adds a unique look.

Check out this tutorial on how to frame embroidery.

Display In An Embroidery Frame

Framed embroidery Modern Hoopla
Framed embroidery by Stitch Life Studio

Turn any boring embroidery hoop into a framed work of art in minutes. If you don’t have enough fabric leftover to frame the embroidery in a square or rectangle frame, these display frames come in handy!

Stitch Life Studio and Modern Hoopla both make wood embroidery frames in a variety of fun designs that you can attach directly to the embroidery hoop.

Make A Banner

embroidered quote on a banner

This method requires quite a bit of fabric, but if you have enough fabric leftover, you can sew your embroidery into a banner to hang and display.

Check out this tutorial on how to make a pennant banner and this video on how to make a banner like the one pictured above.

Stretch Over Canvas

If you’re not into framing your embroidery and you also don’t want to leave it in a hoop, you can purchase stretched canvas from most craft stores that you can secure the fabric onto using a heavy duty stapler.

Leaving it frameless makes for a neat, modern looking piece of art.

Check out this post by needlenthread for some ideas!

Use a Display Stand

An easy way to elevate any piece of art is to put it on display on a table top or shelf using a cute, wood embroidery stand.

Make A Patch

embroidered patch

A great way to make a finished embroidery more functional is to make it into a patch that you can sew onto clothing. Trim the extra fabric into a circle or square. Depending on what kind of fabric you used, you’ll want to make sure to prevent any fraying from occurring. You can finish the edges with fabric fray glue or with a blanket stitch.

Turn It Into A Quilt

quilted embroidery

If you’re like me, you probably trimmed the fabric around the hoop so it doesn’t get in the way. The good news is you probably still have enough to make your embroidery into a quilt square! Patchwork and applique quilts are so fun; why not add your embroidery to one? You can check out this post that goes over some tips to properly add you embroidery to a quilt in this post by Diary Of A Quilter.

Mason Jar Cover

mason jar cover

I see these little mason jar covers all over Pinterest and I’m obsessed. They make any glass jar super cutee, and these covers are very easy to make.

All you have to do is cut out your fabric in a circle (make sure you leave enough room for the fabric to drape over the lid) and make a blanket stitch around the edge to prevent the fabric from fraying.

felt needle book with fabric scraps and embroidery

Needle Book

Needle books are one of the most fun DIYs for small embroidery projects because you can get really creative and experiment with different scraps and small projects. You can stitch directly on felt or cut out small embroideries you’ve made and sew them into the book to decorate them.

It’s really amazing what you can do with embroidery. I hope some of these ideas inspired you and helped you figure out what to do with your finished embroidery pieces!

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