How To Embroider A Moon

In this tutorial I’ll show you an easy way to embroider a moon. While moons are a relatively simple shape, they can be somewhat challenging to stitch uniformly and smoothly. Here is how you can easily stitch one and improve the way it looks!

How To Embroider A Moon Step By Step

how to embroider a moon

The first thing you’ll want to do is to draw a circle and then add a C shape inside of the circle. I like to use heat erasable pen or marker for this since you’ll want to remove the marks you’ve made once you’re finished. Drawing a circle first will make it easier to draw a neater, more even moon shape.

Then, using 2 strands of thread, split stitch along the entire outline of the moon shape that is created. The split stitch will serve as a guideline for your satin stitches and will allow the edges to be neater. (It takes a bit longer to do this but I promise you that it makes a huge difference!)

Using 4 strands of floss, start at the tip of the moon and make satin stitches across the moon and over top of the split stitches you made. These stitches will be relatively horizontal, but you can slant them slightly towards the two points of the moon.

Finally, add a few stars surrounding the moon and you’re done!

Moon Thread Painting Pattern

Interested in learning how to embroider a moon that’s a bit more detailed? You may enjoy this moon thread painting pattern that walks you step by step how to embroider this vintage inspired crescent moon.

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