How To Embroider A Strawberry

This miniature strawberry is sure to add some happiness and color to any embroidery! I don’t know about you, but when I make them, all I can think about is warm summer days. Here’s how to embroider a strawberry using some basic stitches that add variety and texture. This little berry would look adorable on a shirt or on the pocket of a pair of old jeans. So cute!

embroidered strawberry

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Supplies You’ll Need

How To Embroider A Strawberry

First, you’ll want to mark the fabric. Draw a strawberry shape with one long center stem coming out of the top and 2 shorter lines (for the leaves) on each side of the stem.

how to embroider a strawberry
  • Split stitch the outline using 4 strands of red thread.
  • Then make horizontal satin stitches across the split stitched outline to fill in the entire strawberry.
how to embroider a strawberry
  • Then to add the seeds, make short vertical stitches using 3 strands of yellow thread over top of the red satin stitches.
  • For the center stem, make a couple of back stitches using green.
  • Finally, finish the leaves with lazy daisy stitches.

Another way you could fill in the strawberry is by making couching stitches, using yellow for the anchor stitches. The seeds may be easier to make more uniformly and evenly that way.

Strawberry Embroidery Patterns

This tutorial is just one of many ways that you can embroider strawberries. Check out some of these strawberry embroidery patterns to learn even more creative ways!

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