How To Embroider A Sheep [Simple Tutorial]

This embroidery tutorial is a very basic one that is great for beginners! Here’s how to embroider a sheep using fluffy French knots for the wool.

simple sheep embroidery

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I’m using cotton floss in this tutorial, but it may look and feel even cooler if you use some wool or tapestry thread!

Supplies You’ll Need

how to embroider a sheep

How to Embroider A Sheep

You’ll first want to draw a circular shape for the body and mark the head and two legs. I used a heat erasable pen to do this and drew directly on the fabric.

  • For the legs, make vertical satin stitches using 3 strands of black thread.
  • Fill in the head with horizontal satin stitches using 3 strands of black thread.
  • Make French knots using 6 strands of beige colored thread. Wrap the thread around the needle 2-3 times and try to keep the wraps somewhat loose. This will make the stitches fluffier.

Sheep Embroidery Patterns

If you’re looking for more interesting ways to stitch sheep, check out some of these embroidery patterns below.

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how to embroider a sheep

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