How To Make Embroidered Buttons

This tutorial will show you how to make embroidered buttons. Fabric covered buttons are so fun to make, and they can add something extra to an outfit you’re mending or sewing. The nice part about them is that you can pick whatever fabric or pattern you want to cover them with.

I have added my own spin to this tutorial…I’m adding a rainbow embroidery to the fabric before I assemble the button and I’m also making mine into a pin! You can of course keep the button a button, but a lot of the fabric covered buttons kits come with flat backing without the button backing, so you can easily secure a pin on the back. Your choice!

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DIY Embroidered Button

Supplies You’ll Need:

Setting Up the Template

The button kit comes with a template that you can trace to make sure you use the correct amount of fabric. Some kits will come with a plastic circle, while others have a a stencil you can cut out on the back of the packaging.

Before I got started stitching the design, I traced the inner and outer diameter of the clear plastic circle that came in my kit.

Note: The template will show you the EXACT amount of fabric that you should use for the button, If you use too much or too little fabric, your button will be harder to make and may not work at all. I’ve definitely made this mistake before so take care before you get started to follow the instructions exactly to set yourself up for success!

Once you’ve marked the template onto the fabric you can mark out the design you want to embroider. Be sure that the design is in the middle of the inner circle so that it will be centered on the button when you’re finished. If you’re unsure of what to embroider, check out some of these mini embroidery designs.

Rainbow Embroidery Tutorial

how to embroider a rainbow

The embroidery part of this project is rather simple.

  1. Back stitch one line of each color of the rainbow.
  2. Fill in the clouds with French knots using white thread.

How to Cover Buttons With Fabric

How to make an embroidered button using a fabric covered button kit
  1. Cut the fabric out around the circle.
  2. Using the top of the button, the piece of fabric, and the clear plastic piece that comes in the kit, place the fabric over the top of the button and make sure it’s centered. Place the fabric and the top of the button face down into the clear plastic piece.
  3. Gather the back of the fabric and make sure that your fabric and the excess fabric is centered and that you don’t have any fabric that is bunched up in the clear plastic piece.
  4. Carefully place the back of the button over top of the excess fabric on the back and make sure no fabric is sticking out of the back of the button.
  5. On a firm surface, take the blue plastic piece and use it to apply firm pressure onto the back of the button until it clicks into place.
  6. If you want to turn your button into a pin, secure the pin onto the back with E6000 glue and let dry overnight!
rainbow embroidered button

How To Cover Buttons With Fabric

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