5 Free Plant Embroidery Patterns For Green Thumbs

Plants are having a moment right now, and for good reason. They add so much life and interest to any space, which really helps to freshen any room up. Personally, I would be happiest if my house looked like a jungle!

But alas, I’ve had to stop myself from buying too many plants because I tend to kill them pretty easily. I have to satisfy my botanical obsession somehow, though, and that’s where these plant embroideries come in.

If you’re just as obsessed as I am, you’ll surely appreciate all of these free plant embroidery patterns available online right now. Enjoy!

This pattern is just one of many hand embroidery patterns on the site.

House Plant Embroidery Pattern

plant embroidery pattern

The first free pattern is one that I designed myself. This botanical embroidery was inspired by some of the different types of plants that I currently have in my house.

I think you’ll really enjoy this pattern because it uses so many different stitches to make a bunch of interesting textures.

free embroidery pattern - embroidered house plants

If you’d like to make it, you can get the PDF pattern when you sign up for my email list.

Plant Embroidery Pattern
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Monstera Pattern

monstera embroidery
image credit: DMC.com/Sew Botanical

This potted Monstera plant pattern is designed by Sew Botanical and is available on Anchor’s website!

Tropical Branch Pattern

tropical branch embroidery
image credit: DMC.com/Sew&Saunders

DMC has a huge collection of free patterns that are designed by embroidery artists. This simple tropical leaf pattern by Sew & Saunders would make for a great weekend project.


These mini cactus embroidery hoops would make a great weekend project.

The instructions are available here and the templates are available here.

Potted Plant Embroidery Pattern

potted plant embroidery pattern
image credit: stitchfloral.blogspot.com

This pattern is actually one of 3 available to download over at Stitch Floral! The feature succulents and potted plants with decorative pots and the blog post covers some stitch suggestions.

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