5 Hand Embroidery Monogram Patterns That are Free

Today I’m rounding up some free hand embroidery monogram patterns from the antique pattern library. They have so many beautiful antique books that are generously scanned and donated. I love spending time searching through their database of resources. If you like antiques and old lettering, definitely check out their database. All of the books are of course super old, and the lettering reference they have for monograms is fantastic and nothing I’ve ever seen before in modern embroidery books. All of the books are linked below and are free to download and most are in PDF format. Here’s a few of my favorite ones I wanted to share.

Hand Embroidery Monogram Pattern Books

hand embroidery monogram patterns free
  1. Album D’Alphabets

This book is absolutely gorgeous! It features a ton of different floral and decorative lettering that you can use to monogram with.

embroidery monogram design

2. Manual De Marques and Broderies

These scans are perfect for whitework embroidery, cross stitch, or surface embroidery. All of the letters are designed on a graph, which makes it easier to stitch in a variety of different styles.

embroidery monogram pattern

3. Alphabets Collection

This book has a lot of art nouveau style monogram designs in it that I can’t wait to try out.

decorative embroidery letters

4. Initiales Monogrammes

Again, this book has a large variety of floral and art nouveau style lettering in it. The letters pictured are my favorite and I can’t wait to stitch one!

decorative embroidery monograms

5. Desins De Broderies

These hand embroidery monogram designs are so unique and nothing I’ve ever seen before!

Want even more free patterns?

Check out this list of free modern hand embroidery patterns.

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