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Do You Need A Hoop To Embroider?

So you’re wondering, do you really need a hoop to embroider? I too wondered this and even tried embroidering without a hoop when I first started stitching. The short answer is…technically no! BUT I wanted to go over a couple of reasons why it’s way easier and beneficial to use an embroidery hoop.

  1. Your embroidery will turn out neater – Embroidery hoops stretch the fabric out, which keeps it tight, protects the weave of the fabric, and prevents the fabric from puckering under the tension of your stitches, which can lead to messy and uneven stitches.
  2. You’ll spend less time accidentally stabbing yourself with a needle – when you embroider without a hoop, you’ll have to stretch the fabric in your hand close to where you are stitching, and I’ve found I end up poking myself a bunch. Ouch!
  3. An embroidery hoop will keep excess fabric out of the way. If you’re stitching on a large piece of fabric, the hoop will help to keep the extra fabric from getting in the way of where you want to stitch.
  4. It prevents your hand from getting tired. Stitching without a hoop requires a lot of effort because you have to fiddle with the fabric and stretch it the right way while you’re stitching. This in turn leads to your hand fatigue and you won’t want to stitch as long. If you use a hoop, you can use an embroidery stand and not have to hold the hoop at all!

I hope this helps you decide whether or not to use an embroidery hoop! Luckily, wood embroidery hoops are very cheap and easy to find. So give it a try both ways and see what you think!

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