20 Creative Fabric Storage Ideas And Products For Organizing

I have a bit of a fabric obsession. If you’re anything like me, your craft supplies might be a bit unruly and hard to sift through. (It happens to the best of us.) The good news is that there are plenty of effective and easy ways to organize your fabric. This post will show you 20 fabric storage ideas and products that are sure to help!

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clear plastic bin

Clear Plastic Bins

Storing your collection of fabric in clear plastic bins is a great idea to keep your fabric stash contained but easy to find.

For me, easy access and visibility is important. I use my fabric almost everyday and I have a lot of it in my craft room. It makes it way easier for me to grab the fabric I’m looking for and it also prevents me from losing track of different types of fabric I have and accidentally purchasing more when I don’t need to.

black wire basket on a shelf

Wire Baskets

You can’t go wrong with some wire baskets. They look nice and they’re relatively cheap and easy to find. And if you have the room for it, you can find ones that stack.

Filing Cabinet

If you have any file cabinets with an empty drawer to spare, you can drape the fabric over top of the file folders. A lot of fabric can fit in one drawer and you’ll still be able to see all of it. You’ll never lose track of anything ever again!

Learn how to set this up here.

organized bolts of quilting fabric in a storage cube

Storage Cubes

When you have a large fabric collection, you’ll most likely want to store everything folded up or on bolts. Storage cubes come in the perfect sizes to store everything in!

Comic Book Boards

This is a similar idea to how most bolts of fabric are displayed at a fabric store. You can easily store your own mini bolts of fabric using comic book boards. These are great for half of a yard of fabric or longer and will also fit nicely in a storage cube. Learn how to fold them in this post.

Recycled Cardboard

Another way to store smaller pieces of fabric is with pieces of cardboard. If you ever buy fat quarters at the craft store, chances are they have a piece of cardboard in them. Save some trees and reuse them when you can!

Folding the fabric over the cardboard will prevent it from wrinkling and it also makes it easier to stack or store vertically when you have limited storage space.

white photo storage box

Photo Storage Boxes

These come as single boxes or with 2-3 drawer storage units. You can commonly find them at Joann fabrics. They come in fun patterns and colors and will hide any unsightly scraps. Everything will look nice and tidy and reduce visual clutter in your sewing space.

Scrapbook Paper Rolling Storage Cart

Rolling storage carts are a game changer if you frequently like to move your things around and the drawers are a great size to sort and organize fabric in.

Plastic Drawers

If you have some extra room on top of a shelf or desk, these clear plastic drawers are perfect for smaller scraps.

Quilt Racks

Quilt racks don’t only have to be for finished quilts. They’re great to hang and store larger pieces of material on too!

wicker basket next to a chair

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are everywhere at thrift stores. If you have room on a shelf or in a corner, they’re a decorative and fun idea for budget friendly storage!

Fabric Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

You may not have the floor space for shelves, cube organizers, and boxes. Heck, you may just be storing all of this stuff in your living room. Not everyone has room for a sewing room! These solutions take up less space and also utilize vertical space.

clothes hanger fabric storage ideas


Pant hangers or even regular clothes hangers are a great option for large pieces of fabric. Hang several of them up on a single hanger and store them on a curtain rod or in a closet and you’re good to go!

a binder with plastic sleeves storing some craft supplies

Binder With Plastic Sleeves

Binders are helpful for pieces of current projects you’re working on. It won’t store as much fabric, but for smaller pieces such as already cut out quilt fabric it’s a great way to organize.

Reusable Storage Bags

If you’re wanting to sort your fabric by color, pattern, etc but you don’t have space for bulkier storage bins, reusable freezer bags are great for small pieces of fabric. They are durable and they’re also clear so you won’t need to open them to see what’s inside.

quilt hanging on a ladder


Ladders are great to lean against the wall and store blankets on, so why not store some fabric on it instead?

Hanging Shoe Storage

Shoe cubbies that go over the door or hang up in a coat closet are great to repurpose and use.

Keeping Things Tidy

organized sewing studio

Here are a few tips for keeping everything neat when in storage! Ironing or steaming any fabric before you put it away is the best way to set yourself up for success. It will keep things tidier and it will also save you a little time when you’re ready to start making something.


A steamer is great to have when you don’t want to take out an iron and ironing board. Another appliance that’s great for small spaces.

Iron + Ironing Board

Chances are you have an iron and ironing board handy if you make anything with fabric. This one is a bit of a given, but super important to have!

pinking shears

Pinking Shears

Since most of the fabric I use is for embroidery projects, I prefer to cut everything out with pinking shears. These scissors prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying, which makes things look a bit neater when it’s time to put everything away.

rotary, embroidery fabric, embroidery hoop laying on a cutting mat

Rotary + Cutting Mat

It’s helpful to have a rotary and cutting mat instead of cutting everything with scissors. These tools make it easier to cut larger pieces of fabric. Not to mention it’s way easier to measure everything out and cut in a straight line!

I hope you found one or maybe a few of these fabric storage ideas helpful! You may also want to check out this post that explains how to store embroidery floss.

fabric storage ideas

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