How To Embroider Grass [5 Different Ways]

Grass seems super simple but it can sometimes be a challenge to get it looking just right. There are a few different embroidery stitches that work well to fill in areas with grass. This post will go over how to embroider grass with 5 different stitches, each one resulting in a different and unique appearance.

embroidered tree stump with grass surrounding it

Straight stitch

embroidered grass using straight stitches

The simplest of all of the stitches, this stitch is a quick and easy option to embroider grass. You can make varying heights of single straight stitches side by side, or you can overlap them slightly to go in different directions. Add a few different shades of green to make it look more natural and add more depth!

Turkey Stitch

turkey work stitches

The turkey stitch makes 3-dimensional stitches with a fluffy texture. It looks very interesting and it is relatively simple to learn how to do. You can cut these stitches to whatever height you would like or even vary the height to make things look even more interesting!

Fly stitch

embroidering grass using fly stitches

For grass that contain branches along the stem, fly stitches work really well. The above example uses some straight stitches in various colors as well as fly stitches for the taller grass.

Long and short Stitch

long and short stitch grass

The long and short stitch is a great one if you’re wanting to embroider grass that looks more realistic. You’ll want to use several different shades of thread that will blend together nicely. You can add shadows and highlights this way. This stitch works well if you’re stitching the individual blades of grass slightly wider and larger.

How To Embroider Moss

embroidered moss using French knots

For more textured ground coverage such as soil or moss, French knots are a great stitch to use. Experiment using different quantities of floss as well as different shades of green to create a more natural look.

Examples Of Embroidered Grass

Embroidered grass and flowers

This first embroidery uses a variety of different stitches for flowers, but it mainly uses straight stitches in different shades of green to fill in the area. The stitches are generally going in the same direction but a few of them cross over one another, which would be how grass naturally grows. I used all 6 strands in this embroidery so the individual stitches are a bit thicker.

Embroidered house and yard portrait

Long and short stitches with several shades of green were used for the grass in this house portrait. The different colors overlap into one another. A variety of straight stitches for some of the individual flowers stems are seen in the front area of the grass.

Embroidery Patterns

If you’re interested in learning how to use these stitches and techniques in an embroidery, these embroidery patterns have moss and grass incorporated into them. They are a fantastic way to practice.

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how to embroider grass

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