7 Cute Embroidery Ideas You Can Make In Under An Hour

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next project, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these cute embroidery ideas that you can make in under an hour.

The opportunities are pretty much endless with embroidery…there’s a lot you can embroider on and even more things that you can stitch. Sometimes all you need are a few ideas to spark your creativity.

From personalizing clothing and accessories to stitching on not so common fabric, here are some fun ideas!

Spice Up Your Jeans

Flowers On Denim

Take a plain pair of jeans and add your own unique personalization to them to make them more you. Lazy daisy flowers are super beginner friendly and don’t take long at all to stitch. This pair by @adeljulisova on TikTok turned out so cute!

Words On Jeans

embroidery on jeans. Image credit: Collective Gen
Image Credit: Collective Gen

Another cute embroidery idea for your jeans is to add a name or words onto them. Adding a small touch can make a big statement on clothes. Cursive lettering looks great on the front pocket, back pocket or belt area of jeans. Check out this post by Collective Gen which will show you how to embroider words by hand or by using a traditional sewing machine.

Embroidered Pins

Cute embroidery ideas - embroidered rainbow pin

Did you know that you can make your very own pins and buttons? It’s actually super simple to do, and the hardware for making them is available at most fabric / craft stores. Check out this tutorial for how to make this rainbow pin in under an hour.

Sometimes figuring out what to stitch is the hardest part. This E-book features 50+ modern embroidery designs that you can download, print out, and trace. Put your own spin on each design with your choice of stitches and colors. Get your creative juices flowing and get started stitching!

Embroidery On Tulle

One of my favorite cute embroidery ideas to share with you is tulle embroidery! This fabric, that is fairly transparent, makes your embroidery almost appear as if it’s floating. Tulle can be a bit challenging to work with, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be hooked.

Check out this DIY pressed flower + tulle embroidery project.

Embroidery On Shoes

You’ve probably seen pictures floating around of Converse Chucks with embroidered flowers on them. Well, I’ve come across a great tutorial for embroidering on canvas shoes that walks you through marking them and stitching cute and colorful flowers on them.

DIY Sweatshirt Embroidery

Sweatshirt Embroidery Hack

This DIY is about as easy as it gets and you probably have everything you need to make it at your house! Learn how to transfer some cursive script and stitch it on a sweatshirt with this easy embroidery hack by Studio DIY.

Doodle Embroidery Sweatshirt

This DIY looks super fun because you can literally doodle and just run with whatever design you design to draw! Check out the tutorial that includes a few basic stitches you can use for it over at Honestly WTF

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