DIY Daisy and Pressed Flowers Tulle Embroidery Pattern

DIY daisy pressed flowers tulle embroidery pattern

I absolutely adore anything having to do with tulle and flowers, and I’ve had this idea for a while to combine pressed flowers with tulle embroidery and finally got around to making it! So today I’m showing you how I made this daisy and pressed flower tulle embroidery project.

pressed wildflowers

A few weeks ago I picked some wildflowers growing in my yard and put them in my flower press to use for this project. I chose some small flowers because I wanted the focal point of the embroidery to be on the embroidered daisy, but you can use whatever size flowers you want.

You can use this project as an example or follow along, but I don’t have a stencil for this project because it’s hard to transfer designs over to tulle. However, if you pick a relatively simple design to stitch, you shouldn’t have much of a problem just eyeballing it!

Embroidering on tulle can be kind of tricky, so check out this post that goes in-depth about how to embroider on tulle if you’ve never done it before!

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What You’ll Need

Place one layer of the tulle fabric in the hoop and arrange the flowers how you’d like them to be.

With some hot glue, put a small amount on the back of each flower, but only enough to secure it to the tulle. You don’t want to use too much because it can melt the tulle or show from behind the flower.

Once all the flowers are glued down, take the outer ring off of the embroidery hoop and place the second layer of tulle on top of the flowers. This will protect the flowers and it will be the last time you’ll be arranging the tulle in the hoop, so make sure that there are no remaining hot glue strings. Also pay attention to how the flowers are laying and make sure you’re happy with everything before you place the outer ring of the embroidery hoop back on.

Next, start in the center of the hoop and make the center of the flower. Using yellow, make french knots. When you’re starting these stitches, make sure to leave a tail of thread so that you can tuck it behind the stitches once you’re finished. You want to be careful that no extra thread or knots shows through to the front of the embroidery.

When you’re finished, tuck the tails of the thread behind the stitches you made and trim the end.

Next, for the daisy petals, you’ll be making a stitch similar to a detached chain stitch. Make a straight stitch and then come up through the hole right beside the last stitch you made. This will catch the thread and make a loop similar to a detached chain stitch.

Go once around the flower and then add more layers of these stitches at varying lengths to fill in the flower more densely. Once you’re happy with the fullness of the flower, you’re done!

Finishing The Embroidery Hoop

finished tulle in an embroidery hoop

Trim the extra fabric down to about 1/2 inch. Then, with the hot glue gun, place glue inside the inner ring of the hoop.

Careful not to burn yourself! Use a pencil or an awl to press the tulle down into the glue.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this quick embroidery project and hope you do too! If you’d like to learn even more about embroidering on tulle, I have a class on Skillshare. Through this link you’ll get 2 weeks free of Skillshare.

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