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Modern Beginner Embroidery Patterns That Are Free

Here’s a round up of some free beginner embroidery patterns that are awesome, but better yet, they’re free! If you’re on the fence as to whether or not you’ll even like embroidery, these patterns are beginner friendly and don’t require an investment besides a few embroidery supplies you’ll need to get started. Everyone has their own particular style and way of stitching, and I think it’s fun to see what other people create and how they do things! I hope you enjoy the variety of patterns featured in this post.

If you’re new to embroidery, check out this recommended supplies list and this post that will guide you through how to get started.

This blooming books pattern by The Mom Creative is absolutely gorgeous and full of color!

you are enough embroidery

This embroidery pattern by Cutesy Crafts is the perfect project for a beginner that wants to learn how to embroider letters and also embroidering flowers! Script is not my strong suit when it comes to creating patterns, so I always admire someone that has beautiful hand lettering skills.

cactus pdf pattern

Jenny of Sublime Stitching has tons of resources and patterns, and her stencil book was actually the first book that I got to learn how to embroider! This cactus PDF pattern is the perfect little pattern for beginners, as it uses a few basic stitches to complete!

floral embroidery pattern

DMC has a ton of patterns that makers have contributed to a library of free patterns. This one by Florals and Floss is so cute! Her color palettes for her embroideries are to die for.

free beginner embroidery pattern of flowers

Stitch Floral has a bunch of floral embroidery tutorials and free beginner embroidery patterns to download. Her style is very intricate, and some of what she does involves thread painting! This one is my favorite!

Patterns Available On Crewel Ghoul

This list features free embroidery patterns that are available on Crewel Ghoul. If you enjoy these free embroidery designs, please check out my shop where I have more pdf patterns and embroidery kits to try! All of the patterns listed below are relatively easy embroidery patterns. There’s a good mix of simple and more elaborate designs, but all of them are beginner friendly and come with clear instructions to make them. All of them are available to download and print out. Please use them for personal use only!

Desert Sun and Moon Pattern

free embroidery pattern of desert sun and moon

This one may look complicated, but all of the stitches are relatively easy to do in this desert moon embroidery!

Antique Sewing Machine Embroidery Pattern

floral sewing machine embroidery

I love antiques, and had to make a cute embroidery pattern inspired by old Singer sewing machines.

Daisy Flower Embroidery Pattern

daisy flower embroidery pattern

You can’t go wrong with embroidered flowers. This floral embroidery pattern uses a few basic stitches, perfect for any beginner.

Rainbow Embroidery Pattern

rainbow  pattern

This was a really fun one to make! Learn how to do a turkey stitch with this rainbow design.

Lemon Embroidery Pattern

free printable lemon embroidery pattern

Outline stitches can be used as fill stitches if you want them to! This pattern uses some unconventional embroidery stitches to mix up the texture on these citrus fruits.

Plant Embroidery Pattern

free hand embroidery design of houseplants

There is so much texture in this plant design! This is by far the most challenging of all the free patterns I offer.

Beginner Embroidery Stitch Sampler

embroidery sampler

I created this so you can learn 10 basic embroidery stitches with this embroidery sampler pattern. If you’ve never embroidered before, this is a great way to get your feet wet!

I hope you enjoy these free embroidery patterns and learn something new! If you’re brand new to hand embroidery, I suggest reading this posting all about how to get started with learning to embroider.

Looking for even more free designs? The Spruce Crafts has a list of their top 25 free embroidery designs.