Free Rainbow Embroidery Pattern

Who doesn’t love rainbows? This free rainbow embroidery pattern is sure to add some color and fun to any gallery wall or nursery and the pattern is free to download! Lately, my absolute favorite embroidery stitch has been the turkey stitch. I’m all about making embroidery pop and come to life, and this stitch literally pops off of the fabric. It gives so much texture to any embroidery, and while it may look a bit complicated…it really isn’t!

This pattern is just one of many free hand embroidery patterns available.

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Embroidery Supplies You’ll need:

  • 4 inch embroidery hoop
  • embroidery floss
    • DMC colors I used were: 817, 971, 444, 700, 803, 792, 327, ECRU
  • scissors
  • fabric, the color of your choice.
  • marker or pencil to trace the design onto the fabric

Free Rainbow Embroidery Pattern

rainbow embroidery tutorial

Start by making back stitches around the rainbow. Make sure your stitches are super even. The next line of back stitches I staggered so they don’t line up with each other. This make an interesting texture! I did three rows of back stitches for each color.

When you finish each line of back stitches, instead of ending your stitch on the back of the fabric, keep the thread long and pull it through to the front.

rainbow embroidery

Trim the rainbow to as short as you’d like it. I left mine pretty long.

rainbow embroidery

Turkey Stitch Tutorial

turkey stitch

Next comes the turkey work stitch.

  • You’re going to start your stitch by going through the FRONT of the fabric and leaving a little tail.
  • Come back up to the immediate left of tail and make a straight stitch over the tail to the right.
  • Then come back up through the fabric where that initial stitch/tail was made to secure the stitch.
how to embroider turkey stitch

Continue working your way down the line this way. I find it’s easiest to end/cut your thread for every row of these stitches that you make.

Continue making rows of these stitches until you’ve filled up the entire cloud shape.

turkey work stitch tutorial

Once you’ve finished filling in the cloud, cut all of the loops and trim to the desired length. So fun!

colorful rainbow hand embroidery hoop

I truly had a ton of fun making this little embroidery. I hope it provides you with enough practice that you feel comfortable with the turkey stitch!

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free rainbow embroidery tutorial

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  1. Wow your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow!! I’ve sewn a little all my life and did a tiny bit of embroider when I was younger but so ready to kick it up a notch!! Definitely a visual person so I’m so grateful for all the photos!! This is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m so glad to hear they’re easy to follow. I know how frustrating it is when things aren’t clear so thanks so much for the encouraging words. I hope you enjoy making the embroidery ?

  2. “Aw” that is lovely indeed. Mission accomplished. Yes I am taking care to stay healthy. Thank you for your kind thoughts and actions Amanda. Stay home and stay safe. Blessings!

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