Free Embroidery Pattern With Instructions – Floral Sewing Machine Embroidery

I wanted to share this simple free embroiery pattern with instructions on how to complete it step by step today! It’s a really great embroidery for anyone of any level to make, and it has some basic stitches that I think everybody should learn! I’ll include photos and instructions for each step as well as the colors I used!

This pattern is just one of many hand embroidery patterns on the site.

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Supplies needed:

Side note: I did want to let you all know that I recently purchased Kona fabric and I absolutely love it! There were a bunch of people that had been recommending it and I finally tried it out…I totally wish I would have tried it sooner! It’s really easy to embroider on and comes in a bunch of different colors!

Download the Stencil

How to Embroider the Flowers

how to embroider the flowers
  1. Make satin stitches with blue.

2. For the center of the flowers, make french knots with yellow.

3. I also added a straight stitch with yellow in the center of the flower petals

How To Embroider the Leaves

free embroidery pattern with instructions - how to embroider the flowers leaves

4. Back stitch the stems with green.

5. Make detached chain stitches for the leaves.

Outline The Sewing Machine

free embroidery pattern with instructions - how to embroider the sewing machine

6. Back stitch the outline of the sewing machine. Leave the thread alone, as we’ll be stitching that with a different color.

Stitch the Spool of Thread

how to stitch the spool of thread

7. Embroider the spool of thread with orange. Start by making horizontal stitches. Then make some diagonal stitches over top of the horizontal stitches. Then, make a few diagonal stitches over top of the other stitches going the other direction so that the thread looks like its wrapped around the spool.

floral sewing machine embroidery

8. Using orange still, stitch the thread running across and through the sewing machine using one strand of the embroidery floss.

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free embroidery pattern with instructions of a vintage sewing machine with a floral pattern on it

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  1. Really lovely. Perhaps a bit ambitious for a relative newbie like myself though… but it’s beautiful.. might havta have a go.?☘️Clare

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