Embroidery Tutorial – Stitch a Monstera Leaf

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do an embroidery tutorial to show how to stitch a monstera leaf, and I finally was able to put one together! This tutorial only requires 4 colors and three different stitches to complete it! If you aren’t familiar with how to complete the stitches, you can check out the embroidery stitches here. Or you can follow along with the video tutorial that I will link below.

This pattern is just one of many hand embroidery patterns on the site.

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Supplies needed:

Trace the stencil onto the fabric using a pencil or water soluble marker. Then, once you’re ready, we’ll get started!

Download the Stencil

Video Tutorial

YouTube video

Using 909, make satin stitches at a slight diagonal down one side of the leaf.

Now, do the same thing down the opposite side of the leaf with color 911.

Make short and long stitches on the tip of the left side of the leaf with color 247. Then add a few straight stitches of white to make the highlight really pop.

Stem stitch down the center of the leaf with color 907

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