5 Challenging Advanced Embroidery Kits

If you’ve been stitching for awhile and you’re looking for advanced embroidery kits that will challenge you a bit more, look no further! For this roundup, I did some research and I tried to find kits that included more complexity in the design or they used different techniques that are a bit more challenging and less common than your typical surface embroidery kit. (Things like stumpwork, gold work, thread painting, and more!) If you’ve never tried these techniques before, now is the perfect time!

Most of the artists below have other more advanced kits in their shop, so if the technique and style seems interesting but the design doesn’t seem like the right fit, I encourage you to browse other items in their shop.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase an item.

Stumpwork Kit by Lorna Bateman Official

This 17th century technique is a very fun one to learn, and this kit uses several different stumpwork embroidery techniques. This kit comes with pretty much everything you need except for a hoop and scissors.

Metal Work Bird by Becky Hogg Embroidery

This embroidery kit uses several different stitches and techniques to create a vibrant bird perched on a branch. It comes with sequins, wire, wood, thread, fabric and more and the reviews are raving about how easy the instructions are to follow.

Scarab Beetle Gold Work and Stumpwork Kit By Korry Little Shop

This scarab beetle looks three dimensional and iridescent. It’s a relatively large design (approximately 5 x 5) so this one is sure to keep you busy and having fun throughout the process!

Tiger Thread Painting Embroidery Kit By Etua Embroidery

If you’ve never tried thread painting before, this kit is a great one to get you started! The instructions are written with beginners in mind, but I’m including this kit due to the complexity of the design and time thread painting takes.

Mouse Thread Painting Pattern By Crewel Ghoul

This mouse embroidery design is intricate and oh so lovely to stitch! Comes with the pattern preprinted on the fabric, needle, high quality beechwood hoop, and digital instructions.

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