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How To Embroider A Bee

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to embroider a bee. Using 3 basic stitches, you can make a cute and simple bumble bee. You could even add a few running stitches to trail behind it to make it zip around!

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simple bee embroidery tutorial

Supplies you’ll Need

how to embroider a bee step by step
  1. Make horizontal satin stitches to fill in the head, middle stripe, and bottom of the body using 3 strands black thread.
  2. Fill in the remaining stripes with horizontal satin stitches using 3 strands of yellow thread.
  3. Make two lazy daisy on each side of the body using 6 strands of light grey. The top wing can be slightly longer than the bottom wing.
  4. Using 2 strands of black thread, make straight stitches for the antenna, top legs, and back stitch the bottom legs.
simple embroidered bee on neutral fabric

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how to hand embroider a bee - step by step tutorial