How To Do The Lazy Daisy Chain Stitch

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do the lazy daisy chain stitch. This stitch is also known as a detached chain stitch and it’s a great stitch to learn as a beginner. The most common way to use this stitch is to fill in decorative borders or create little flowers. First, we’ll go over a basic lazy daisy that you can use to create a flower with and then we’ll show some variations of this stitch.

Lazy Daisy Chain Stitch

  • Bring your needle and thread up through the fabric. Then take your needle through the same hole you came up through and grab the fabric slightly above as pictured.
  • Pull the needle and thread through which will catch the loop of thread.
  • To secure, place a stitch over the top of the loop.

Lazy Daisy Flower

how to do the lazy daisy stitch

In order to make a lazy daisy flower, you’ll want to first mark the fabric. This will make it easier to keep each stitch the same size so the flower will look nice and even when you are finished.

  • Draw five dots and a center point on a piece of fabric. Start by pulling your thread near or through the center dot and make one lazy daisy from the center and coming up through one of the points. Each stitch can either share the center hole or each one can be slightly to the side of it.
  • Start back at the center and create another lazy daisy stitch
  • Work from the center dot, making 5 of these stitches.
lazy daisy flower

Double Lazy Daisy Stitch

A variation that builds off of the basic lazy daisy is a double lazy daisy stitch. There are a few different ways you can do this depending on how you would like the finished stitch to look like.

The first way to do a double lazy daisy stitch is to create one lazy daisy and then create another stitch that encircles the first stitch.

The second way is by sharing the same straight stitch that the first stitch uses. As you can see from the top right photo, this way looks slightly different than the first method.

The final way that is demonstrated in the bottom photo is more of an interlaced double lazy daisy. Instead of starting at the bottom of the first stitch, you start from the inside and then end the stitch above the first stitch.

All of the differences in these variations are somewhat subtle, so any and all of them work. See which one you enjoy working the best!

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