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The 7 Most Helpful Hand Embroidery Accessories

After years of embroidering, I’ve tried a lot of different products and accessories. Some I only used for a short time, and then they ended up in a drawer somewhere. However, these 7 hand embroidery accessories are ones I use almost every day. They will make your life so much easier when you are stitching!

This post is part of a series of posts I have about hand embroidery supplies.

This post contains affiliate links in it. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

Embroidery Stand

I used to hold the hoop while I stitched. My hand would start to hurt and get tired after a few hours of embroidering and I didn’t think much of it until I got an embroidery stand, which made things so much easier! I think it helps my posture too because you can adjust the stand to be more at eye level. I personally have a couple of different stands, but the Nurge table stand is by far my favorite right now.

Available on Etsy

Adjustable LED Ring Light

Having adequate lighting is essential when you are embroidering. It’s not always enough to use a lamp! It’s super important to use a light source that isn’t too warm or too cool. Daylight bulbs or LED lights are the best to use.

I purchased an adjustable LED ring light over 2 years ago and it has served me very well. It clamps onto any desk and the arm is adjustable, making it super easy and convenient to use.

Available on Amazon

ipad pro

Ipad Pro

This is the most expensive out of all of the hand embroidery accessories that I recommend, but it’s one that makes designing embroidery super fun and easy.

I use the app Procreate and an apple pencil to draw out all of my embroidery designs. I like Procreate because you can import photos to use as reference, draw with different brushes, do color mock ups, and much much more.

Purchase on Amazon

DMC Threaded Color Card

DMC, one of the most popular embroidery threads out there, has a threaded color card that makes selecting colors a breeze. They have a printed card as well. I personally have both kinds, but the threaded card contains real thread on it and it depicts the colors more accurately. This is especially helpful when you are thread painting and looking for specific colors that blend nicely together.

Purchase on Amazon

Double Sided Floss Organizer

If you’re anything like me and have a ton of different embroidery thread colors, a double sided floss organizer works great! I don’t like to have to lug around a bunch of different thread organizers, but I’m able to fit my entire thread collection in these kinds of organizers.

Available on Amazon

thread snips

Thread Snips

Thread snips make trimming embroidery floss quick and easy. They are super sharp and don’t dull very easily. An added bonus is that they look super stylish; a great prop for photos!

Available on Amazon

water soluble stabilizer with design on the fabric

Super Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer

Water soluble stabilizer is another embroidery accessory I couldn’t live without. It is translucent, lightweight, and durable. It makes it way easier to transfer highly detailed patterns onto fabric instead of tracing the design through the fabric. I personally use the medium weight stabilizer and it works great! I’ve never had any issue with is tearing or dissolving after hours of handling it.

Simply trace the pattern onto the stabilizer, sandwich it on top of the fabric, and you’re ready to stitch.

Available on Amazon

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