5 Easy Embroidery Flowers You Can Learn Today

Sometimes I wonder why flowers are so satisfying to stitch. I think it is because there are so many different varieties of them, and nature is such an inspiring subject to use as inspiration for art! Just as each kind of flower has a different, color, shape, texture, and overall look to it, you can also make different kinds of embroidery stitches to represent those different textures, colors, and shapes.

In this post, I’m sharing 5 easy embroidery flowers that you can learn even if you’re just getting started learning embroidery. They are simple and straight forward to learn, but they still look great and they are flowers that are commonly seen in many surface embroidery patterns!

Satin Stitch Daisies

satin stitch flower

Satin stitch flowers are smooth and neat in appearance and are easy to learn how to do. They look great for wider, more rounded petals. Learn how to make them in this tutorial!

Lazy Daisy

lazy daisy flowers

The lazy daisy is also referred to as a detached chain stitch. This stitch is great for small and simple looking flowers if you plan on stitching a small design or filling in an area between larger flowers! Learn how to make them here.

Woven Roses

woven roses

The woven rose is a stitch that appears more 3-dimensional. Like it’s name, it actually makes for great roses! This stitch looks somewhat extravagant and complicated, but it’s a surprisingly easy one to learn and use. Learn how to make a woven rose.

French Knot Flowers

easy embroidery flowers - french knots

French knots flowers are another great stitch to use for small filler flowers. There is something so satisfying about them! They are great for beginners to learn, but can be a bit tricky to get right, so check out this post about how to make the perfect French knot.

Bullion Knot Buds

Bullion knots make for great flower buds. These knots are more elongated than the French knot and they are made by making multiple twists around the needle. Make a few straight stitches at the bottom of each one to represent some leaves and you have a little flower bud!

Easy Flower Embroidery Patterns

Below are some embroidery patterns that use some of these easy ways to make embroidery flowers!

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